Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eighteen Days - Sri Paica-tattvats Msyapur-lila

Let me offer my obeisances unto Lord Sri Krsna, who has manifested Himself in live as a devotee, expansion o[ a devotee, incarnation of a devotee, pure devotee and devotional energy. Caitanl a-c aritdmrta Adi 7 .6

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154.t Sri Panca-tattva await Their netra-unmilinam (eye opening ceremony) pholo Nit)'a-trpta DeYr DAsi 156 I Lord Gaurdnga's eyes opened by Jananivisa Prabhu pholo Nilya-trpta Devi Dasi 156 2 The hirtann party, whose chanting oI Hare Krsna kept the devotees in bliss throughout the entirt [estival photo r\mogha Disa I56 l Frrst Darshan-a roar from the ecstatic crowd greets Sri Panca-tattva as They are revealed in all Their glory for the first time for the pleasure oI the assembled devotees

156 2

photo Amogha Disa

157 I fananivdsa touches di[[crent parts oI the deity's body witlr a hlia grass stick, chanting a mantra. photo Nil\a-trpra Dril Dasi

I 56.1


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