Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

I:ighteen Days - 5ri Paica-tdltr,.l's Mtyapur-lila

Lord ViSvarnbhara, the all-merciflul Supreme Godhead, Iooked at Advaita Acarya Prabhu and said, "I have descended to this earth because of your vow and your constant devo- tional service and worship. I was resting on the Ocean of Milk and your roaring woke Me up. You are so rnerciful that you could not bear the suff,erings of hurnanity, and so you have brought Me here to alleviate their sufferings." S rl C ui ttrn y a-bha ga v atu Madh.y Lu hhtutdcr Ch. 6, Mahhptchhu Sutttttt,,ns Adrrtita Arurltr lh.l.l Ihe silver and copper vrsscls (tach with onc thousand holes) held abovc thc dcrties hcads [ir sirhdJrlr-iilrind- 'tlrc bath oI onc thousand showtrs ph0to \rinr Gxuri I)ii\i l0+ I HH jalapataka Maharijll, ovcrcone with Iransccntlentrl emotion dunng thc obhiscfta phoro -\):rmJ Cruri Ilx:i

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lh+ ,l Rinsed wilh Galga-jul beforr tlre nrxt auspicious

subslancr is applicd fhor,) \jr\n.Lrl)ri Dr!r llr\r

lo+ l Parikajanghri supr:rvrsts the sandalwood pasle massllge Irholo 5)nnrx t,iurr Drii l()i i 'swcetncss' pcrsoniIicd. Adlaita dripping rvith phot,r \irnrlrvrrr I iJii l)(vi llrsr


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