Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eighteen Days - Sri Pairca-tattvo's Mdyapur-lila

The years went by, the message faded, changed by Jaulty men, The pure servants of Lortl Caitanya prayed that once again A messenger, stron9 and true , would come , tahe the Lord's desire And spread it through the world once more, raise consciousness yet higher. Time still passed, and one by one blessed souls the world did see- Bhahtivinode Thahur, and his son, Srl Sarasvati: They paved the way, brought Lord, Caitanya's name and Jame to all, And taught that where devotion reigned, class consciousness would pall.

Echoes of Caitanya's sorlg are hedrd throughout the nation,

Releasing Jallen souls Jrom bl eah s pir itual p r itt ati on ;

Five forms oJ love personiJied, Their mercy Jree to all Who hear the sound vibration of Caitanya's bhahti call. The world rejoiced, the golden age had come; but would it stay?

Vaisnavas countrywide met the inevitable day,

The Lord had left; hearts oJ all brohe in separation,

From Gaiga's banhs, to Puri's shores, rached by devastation.


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