Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eighteen Days - Srl Pcticct-tattvats Mayapur-llla

They're here to tahe Their mi.ssion Jorth, that Prabhupada began, From Mayapur, through Inclia, to all the foreigr land,s, This time They have the helping hands oJ many devotees, All oJ whom Ielt Prabhupada's touch, are heirs to his detree.

So once more five stars dppear in a darhened Bengal shy, This time The ir names dre hnown, no natd to wLtnder who or why. Brought by Srila Prabhupada, whosc rnission is to expand Tht mtssage oJ Caitanya, emanating Jrom this Iand. Their forms come to Mayapur, a miracle to behold: GraceJul, tall; sheer beauty in a solt hue oJ liquid gold, They descend again before us, magniJicent to see! Once more to walh amongst Lts and our hearts and souls set Jree.

So in this year 2004, as thousands come to grcet

SrI Paica-tatLva, and to gdlhcr at Their Iotus Jeet. The hlrtana swells and voices soar- a transcendental band!

All glories to SrI Mayapur! S ri Paic a-tattv a's land!


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