Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eighltttr Ddls - Sri Pahca-tslrvais Mdy{ipur-lild

Setting The Stage

Saturday February 7, 2.004

Rasaranl - Today they are starting at 9:30arn to put Lord Nitydnanda up. I recharged my camera, batteries, so I got a photo o[ just Lord Caitanya by Himsef on the altar. My friend Tara is with me (she .just arrived from Australia latt last night). The new crane quichly got Lord Nityanancla down oJf t'he truch, unlih.c the small one. Then they started to tahe all the deities off the truch and placed Them on the ground, while at the sarne time the pulley in the templc room was bting movtd to where Lord Nityananda is going to stand. This ta'ltes about two hours, so Tarcr and I went up to the stwitrg room and Rantadr.vl ashed us if wt cottld wash tha J'iberglass models oJ the deities. We were really happy. We washed Advaita Acdrya first and then tve did Srl Gadadhara. Ramadevi told us that when lhe models cante up yesterday, she was so happy that she just threw her arms around Lord (.aitanya's moclel, even though he was still pac'lted up. Ganga Prabhu came into the scwing rootn, and when he saw me , he gave me one of thc metal nuts or bolts (l don't hnow what you call it) from Lord. Caitanya's wooden paclaaging. I rryrrs reallt hu1t1tt, to get iL. Then we wcnt bach to the templ( rootn and sorneone else Jinishtd washing the models. There weretl't as many devottes as yestarday, but there were still cnouglr brahmacaris to pus'h tht cart. Thty had no tr<tublc getting Lord Nityatrunda down the ramp inlo the tunple room. Once they got Him to the altar, thel, flifly'1 usc Lhc pulley to gtt the cart up thc ramp; the brahn-racaris./ust pushed.It was quite slow, butthcyJinall.ymade it.L)pcloseGauranga loolrsso tall-He is.sotall-I-justdidn't realizc iL ye sterday. We wtre allowcd on thc altar this time becaust there v,crtn'l so many peoplc. Even though Lord Caitanya has plastic wrappcd arotmd Him, you can still see that Hc is really, really golderr. He looks lihe He 's solid .golcl. Lord Nityananda, however, is a reddish-pinle, sort oJ coltpcr gold. Janarivasa Prabhu (ot Panhajahghri Prabhu-I can't remtmber whtt), drew alottts Jlowtr ttn the spot


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