Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eightttn Dc,ys' 5rt Parica-t(ltr,('s Md.y(irrnr-lil{i

Sunday February 8, 2004

Rdsardni - Today they startecl at l0:00arn. They got Sri Gacladhara on the cart quichly, and down the ramp pretty Jast, compared to the rest. When they were pulling Him into the tentple , I stoppcd to tahe a photo and in my photo I got Nitai- prasada Prabhu telling me to moye . GadAclhara staytd in the ntiddlt of the temple room until they moved the pullq on the rooJ over to where He is going to stand. They had to drill hole-s in the reiling to pltt the pulley up. Jancmivasa Prabhu did the lotus drawing thing again. They had trouble Ktting Gadadhara up the ramp because the planhs of wood on the sccond plutform separated.from the other planhs leading up to the platform, and the cart got stuch in tht crach. There are lots o.f peo- ple here toda.y because it's the last day oJ puttittg tht cleities up. It toolt thent half an hour to pltt the strdp on-they put tw o straps on Cadadhara, one on His chest and one on His legs, then they pulled Hint up about two inches and pulletl the carl out so He was lying in thr air. Then Gadedhara startcd to swing-He sr4/ung more than anybody else, and His hand loohed lihe it might bang into Lord Caitanya's le g. So they had to be very careJul. As they continued pulling Him up, Ht tipped a little to the side antl started to Jace towards Lord Caitatrya. It se emed lihe He tvas showing even from the btgin- ning that He wanted to be close to Lord Caitanya. When they .finally got Him straight, they had Him hovering above the altar, and then He .just sort rsJ went 'plwth' onto thc altar. But they had Him too close to the Jront, so t'hey had to liJt Him up a few inches and push Him bach. Gadadhara's Jingers are curved elegantly, whereas the other deities' .fingers are straight. Lord Nityananda has the straightest hands-slapping hands. My .feet are hurting so bad because l'ye been standing here Jor three days straight, and I haven't eaten anything either. More and more people heep coming. Bha'lzti Caru Mahara.ja came and was loohing at the deities, ancl GopAl Krsna Maharaja came later on. While they were puttirlg Gadddhara up, they brought Srivasa Thahura down into the temple room. I was standing there tahing a photo of Srlvasa,


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