Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Ilthincl Closed [)oors

oJ the eyes. Jananivasa was loolting at Gadctdhata, t'hen very soJtly he said, "Madana-rnohctnaMohinl." I didn't hear properly and ashrd him to repeat it. Again 'he said, "Mqdana-mohana Mohinl -She who captivates cven Cupid himselJ." Then he leuned against the door and gazed at Gadctdhara Jor a long time. AJ'ter about len minutes, someone came in, ond so Juanivasa leJ't. The greatest reward Jor this .so'vice was'hearing the roar whtn the curlains opened .for tfu .first darshan-it was worth everytl'ting to hear that. Although I would have lilted to gtt one oJ thost souvcnir- l)cns rts well ... As lor other news, Yadubara Prabl,u arrived yesterday and began singing lirtanas in the temple roorn in the evenings, which was the clesire oI TamAl K1g4a GoswAmi- that the ldrtanas move to the temple rooln, since his room was too small. That roorn has reverted to the gLresthouse, and is being rented out as usual, so no more hrrtanas will be lreld there. It was a little chaotic in the temple roonl, but very touching and beautiful to hear Yadubara Prabhu singing Tamal KfSla GoswAmi's 'signature tune,' which brought tears to the eyes of a few again...rnany Chinese devotees arrived yesterday disci- ples o[ both Tamil Kf;qa Goswarni ancl HH Umapati Swanri. Seeirrg them brings instant reminder of Tamal Krsna Goswlmi. It promises to be yet another festiva] full of rlectarean hlrtanas zrnd heart-rcncling metrrories... The prrstirrgs on Granddisciplcs con.furcnct were being reccivcd well-everyone was Jtrling tht: ntttod of Mit.yapur and lhe ore ,gy that surror.mded thc in'rntinent installation, so I startcd postitlg ttvicc a day...

Saturday F ebruary 1 5, 2004 (cont'd)

The dcities are2.5 tonnes cach, givc or take a few kilos (Lord Caitanya is the heav- iest at 2.85 tonnes.) They are solid, forrned from eight precious tnetals, or asta- dhattr. Those metals include the donations made by devotees around the world of


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