Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Behind Closed Doors

lihe having our own pilvate abhiseka. I got water dnd put it on my head and dranh some. The water flowed pe{ectly down Gauraiga. We leJt when they were done and we were so happy. We noticed that the deities needed a polish and we hoped that thty weralt going to leave them liht that for the installation.

Saturday February 21, 2004

Ancl now, today, everyone who has arrived here in Mny6pur was given a surprise: tonight at 6pm, the cleities will be revealed to the assembled Vaisqavas-a sneak preview before rhe installation. It is an unexpected boon, but a crucial part of the installation ceremonies: the opening of the eyes of the deities. Everyone is waiting with anticipation... ln the usual bittersweet fashion of spiritual life, though, today is also the disap- pearance clay of His Holiness Srila Tamil Kfgna Goswami. lt is two years since he returnecl to Srila Prabhupf,cla ancl Krsna, and this morning all the residents and visitors to Mlyapur sang the je anila prema-dhana prayers after Tulasi-puja. l't,was ar thar time that His Holiness left his body, and the singing of this song o[ lamenta- tion due to the separation from the associates of the Lord, by Narottama Dasa Th6kura, will be an annual observance. The ceremonies continue throughout the day at Maharaja's samadli. Rasardni - Today wa.s HH Tamal KfSrya Maharaja's clisappearance clay. I went to the puspaniali and tooh lots of photo.s. If rvas really nice. There were so many JTower decorations. When I loohtcl oyr at the Mtharljas, I noticcd Radhanath Maharaja hacl one tear in his eyc, but it dicln't roll clown his cheelt, it just shot out so fat onto the ground. He must havt really been missingTamal K1.s4a Maharaia. And one urore surprise was added to the list last night: during yet another ecstatic h1y7s1116-gornpliments of Sivarama Swami, BB Govincla Maharaja, Inclradyumna Maharaja, ar-rd Nirafljana Swami-His Grace Aindra Prabhu, the 24-hour kirtanier


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