Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Introduction lr.y Hi-s Holiness Srila Tttmal Krsna Go-swtirni Paramaharilsa Thikura hali -haler a dharma-hr sna- nama- sanhlr tana hrsna-Sahti vina nalrc tdra' pravartana taha pr av artaila tumL-ei ta'pr amana' Itrsna-Saltti dhara tt+mi,-ithe nahi (tna

"The funclamental religious system in the Age of Kali is the chanting of the holy name o[ Kflqa. Unless empowered by Krsna, one cannot propagate the saihlrtana movement. You have spread the satihtnana movement of Krsna consciousness. Therefore it is evident that You have been empowered by Lorcl Kft4a. There is no qllestion about it." purport: "The true acarya, the spiritual master o[ the entire world, must be consid- ered an incarnation o[ Krsna's mercy. Indeed, He is personally embracing Krsna' He is tlrerefore the spiritual master of all the varnas ... and all the dSramas. " ' Since he is understood to be the most advanced devotee, he is called Paramaharhsa Thdkura" (Cc. Ant.ya 7.I l-I2). Sri Advaita AcAryaappeared some time before Lord Caitanya.He found the world clevoid of devotional service to Krsna. Seeing everyone engaged in materialistic activity, the Acarya felt great compassion and began to consider what he could do flor the people's benefit. He thought, "lf Sri Kf;la were to appear as an incarnation, He Himself coulcl preach clevotion by His personal example. In this Age of Kali there is no religion other than the chanting of the holy name of the Lord' but how

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