Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

"l tlavt Brongha M-y I-ord"

tiJiil. His expressiorl is the sweetest.l TtolishelHis arm that poirtts Lo Gattraiga's lotus.feeL. His hand is the si:e of a dinrcr platc. Wt w(:r( getting really tiredby now, and I sort o.[hatl to lean on His base with my hnees, anel it really hurt. But I didn't wa,'tt to slop. Then wc tnttved orl to 5l'iyAs a Thaltura. I was doing the le g which sticlr.s out .l'urthest. Aftcr a while the electricity suddcnly went out. Tara and I imme- cliately huggcd thc leg we were doing, and then s()meane noticed my watch glowing, ancl they said "Hey looh, that girl's watch glow-s," and I was lihe , oh' this stupid watclvand coyercd it. Then the power wentbach on, and wa continued scrubbing. We went over Thetn, one by one, all o[ us clrenched in Their bath water, rubbing fur:iously, polishing, tencling to difiicult spots, polishing the lotus stands until {i1all1,, afrcr rhree hours, They stood dry shiny, polished to near-perfection. lt was increclible: They lookecl like different deities. I was amazed: did we do that? We hacl beep so absorbed in our work, not really understanding what the outcorne woulcl be. Of course we knew we wanted to make the deities shine, but we actual- ly dicln't know whar that meant when we started, and only when we finished did we realizc that we'd hacl no iclea of the beauty lurking under the surface of those cleities. We thought we'd seen Their beauty, but here it was, another layer revealed. We were suitably stttnned by the mercy They were showing us' Rasarsnl - Whm wt were Jinished, wt dried off abit, and then we saw they wert drying all thc deities and mahing sute thal thdr paint hadn'l come oJf . lt seemed that it was alright. Wt werc standing there wonde ring i.[ tvt should go, 01- stay. I tolcl Tcrra wc -should.f u-st sta-y to see i.f thcy'rt going to do anything else . Then Nt'sirnha Kavacct Prabhtr came up and said' "oK' 1'6v can go now' little matajis' " Me anelTcu'ctstarttdcracltitrgup.Wcpaidour obt:isance.s andle.ft'We wereso happy, we could l'tave gone <tn polishing Joreve r! By this rinre, we could hear that a huge crowd hacl gathered behind the doors o[ the altar, perforn,ing a continuou s lirtana-led by thc unuristakable voice of Bhakti Bhrnga Govinda Maharaja-that will go througl.r to the opening of the cloors for the installation ceretnony. Devotees had been told that the netra-


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