Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Eightcen Dtys - Sri Pctfttu-tattva's Mir_yapur-lilA

strangers, blissed out completely! Lord Caitanya was huge, He was right there, His arms held high, like He'd just walked on-stage and put His arms in the air and shouted "Hello! Welcome! Thanl< you! Thank you!"-He really was the star o[ the show. And BB Govinda Maharaja just went on, never stopping, not for a rnoment... he took that place and everyone in it to a level they'd never been before. As for me, I could only cry at the simultaneous majesty and sweetness o[ it all; at tl-re devotion sweeping the room, at the ecstasy the devotees were displaying; at the pure spiritual energy that emanated in waves fiom the altar. Latika Bhakti and I were talking afterwards, and we agreed that Krsna had covered us over, because when the curtains opened, it was as i[ we were seeing the deities for the first time, even after standing with Them for seven hours and polishing Their bodies for three hours. lt was only through talking to Latikd that I realized the feeling 1 erxpe- rienced wasn't from nry seeing Them, the feeling I expericnced was the Lord seeing rne... Their eyes were opened, and They were casting Their loving glance over everyone-that was tl-re difference. This wasn't "darshan"-it was the Lord's turn to look upon us. That is what drove the assembled Vaisnavas out o[ the atmos- phere, landing them in the spiritual realm.

Tonight, without a doubt, we entered the spiritual worlcl

Rdsaranl - Whut the doors opened, everybody pushed.l'orward, and roared sotto loud. I almost went deaJ. lt was so amazing. I Jclt something in my heart that I had never felt beJore . Evuyone had their arms up in the air-iL loohedlihe a sea oJ hands. Tht deities loohd so beautiJul. They havt so much cxpression on their .faces They loolz very merciJul. They had plain white dhotis and chadars on. Me , Teua, Nrsimhadeva Prabhu, ancl Tara's Mum, Siddlti, all got crus'hed against thc wall. So we pushtd bath really hard, and quithly climbed up on the platform in t'ront oJ the altar. Everyonc was jumping onto that platfot nt. Devotecs started bringing auspi- cious items in J'ront of the deitie.s lo see-srinrad-Bhigavatarn, Iulasi devi, a mrdanga and some littlc girls. Srtdhara Maharaja cama up to thc .front oJ the altar and my Dad was with him. He ofJered a lamp, and everyotte shoute d "Haribol." i


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