Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

Ei.qlrl(cn Dc.ys - -Sri Pci (u-l.tttt,t's Mitvirpur-lila

The Most Spectacular Event The maha-abhiseha of Sri Panca-tattva

The day had finally arrived. The previous night's wtld htrtana.s and unbounded expressions of ecstatic.joy frorn the devotees on finally seeing Sri Panca-tattva for the first time had created an unprececlentecl atmosphere not only in the ternple, but in the whole o[ Mayapur and incleed. all rhroughour ISKCON. several days after the event Visvambara Prabhu arrived frorn Bhaktivedanta Manor. When I told him about the kiltanas and the lirst clarshan, he had tears in his eyes, and he was nodding his head. When I hacl finished speal<ing, he said, "Yes, I know... I know what it was like becanse we lelt thar wave all the way over in England." Everyone was saying, "ISKCON will never be the same again." Bur we had only just begun-the devotees were about to witness the most amazing abhiselta ever unclertaken on this planet during the entire time o[ Kali-yuga; in fact, since Lord Caitanya only appears once in the day o[ Lord Brahrnd, this was an event destined to occur only once in a thousand Kali-yugas. I hacl written in one of my conference ernail postings, "Wish you were here..." But while so many were rlot physically present, Caitanya Mahaprabhu hacl His own plans to bring everyone to His lotus feet on that clay. Antardvtpa Dasa replied to that wish: "l expect to be personally bathing the deities through your descriprions come installation day." I was able to tell Antardvipa: Wcll, good news on that front: Bhakti Purusottama Swarni.lust askecl me to sit on the altar tomorrow and scncl reports on the ir-rstallation as it is happerring, so yes, Antartlvipa, you can be therc! Tunc in and gct thc nectar as it happens at wrrv).maydPurn(:ws.conl ancl rvrvrv.nrayapur.inJo.l'll bc sitting there with a photographer and we'll send imagcs and tcxt every hour until the abhiselu begins, then every 15 minutes--. who said there was no technology in Mayipur? I'll be there rvirh my laptop and cell phtrne that's linkecl to an lSP, ancl the photographers will rlownload their digi- tal photos, ancl you'll have your darshan, as it's happening... find our the rirne differ- ence now, ancl be thcre...!


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