Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

E-iglrtccr Da.1,s - -$ri Poica-t(uva,s



Hare Krsna... Good Morning, and welcome to the installation cerenlony and abhistha for Sri PaIica-tattval I am on the stage at the front of Their altar, it,s 7am, and wc're listening Lo hrrtana and waiting lbr the opening of the altar cloors. This place is clectric-there's no other word for it. Thousancls o[ people are crowd- ing thc entraltces, but inside it is relatively calnr. The organizers, heaclecl byBhakti Purusottalna Swanri, have done an amazingjob, ancl it's very wcll controlled. The Festival Cotntnittee really should be cornmcndecl lor the work they have put into ensuring that things go smoothly. There is a rnoving darshan area that allows everyonc to sce Sri Panca-tattva during the ccrenrorry. you can line up as many lirnes as you like, and see Them as often as you like, but it has to keep nroving. ln the liont, we have Srila Prabhupdda's clisciples seared on mats, along with rhe donclrs and patrons. ln the temple courtyarcl, there are huge television screens ever)"where so no one misses out. In Sri SrI Radha Madhava's templc, there are big screens up, and next to Sri Paflca-tattva's altar also. But even i[ you're at the back, )/oll can see, because Sri Panca-tattva are so big that no one will miss Their dar- shan. It's a wonclerful festive atmosphere, and from where l'm standing I can see Rimabhaclra Prabhu from New York on Radha Madhava's altar, offerirtg a camara to Thetr Lorclships; bel-rind me a row of sannyasis and Prabhupacla's disciples, sit- ting with their farnilies. Once again we 're about to be given darshan of'these beautiful fbrrns that have colre once again to Navadvipa. Their mercy l<nows no limit: it's coming {rom Them iu waves. Everyone here is affected by rhe atrnosphere.

Stay tuned... next insrallment when the doors open!

Rasardnt - Toda-t7 is the DAy/ Today is tfu DAy! wl"ren I went to thc temple, it was pacl'tad. Evan on lhc strects, it was so crowded that I had Lo get off my bihe and wcrlk. Thrr. when I got to the ternple, I couldn'L get inside. There were -sr,'eens sel Ltp uerywhe re .so evo-yorle could see the bathing cct'ctno,"ty. My Murn and Dad wcre


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