Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

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plates in circles...it's a beautiful vision. The ghee wicks are huge, and this is the first offering ro rhe deities, an auspicious start to the proceedings. Conch shells are blowing, the ltirtana is completely blissful, and it's all going on!


A roar just went through the crowd-the pnjarls have startecl the abhisehal Yoghurt has been rubbecl into the boclies of Their Lordships, and Sriclhara Maharaja is pouring rnilk over Lord Caitanya as I write this; Advaita Acarya is being bathed in rnilk by )ayapataka Swami, the devotees are shouting and roaring, the conch shells are blowing, the hlrtana is going through the roo[, and everyone, everyotre is chanting! lt's the spiritual world here, there is no doubt at all... I wish there were words tcr describe this vision: Aindra Prabhu is leading the hlrtana, it's my favorite Vrndavana Mtllots rune, and I wish also I could plug the audio ilt here so you can hear this sottnd vibration. it's incrediblel Rdsarant - They took oJf Pafica-tattva's chedars, and thc pu jdris statted rubbing oil on them. It was so funny-the pujaris loohed like little ants rwtning around big giants. Srldhara Maharlja werc doing Lord Niryan anda. It wds so nice that he got to clo t'hat. Then thcy starte d ytouringgallons and gallons oJ warcr.It rvas splashing oJJ the dcitit:s and all over tht: altar and floor. It was a,nazirtg. I got a bcautiful picture of Advaita Acat),11with the water splashing oJJ His face . Everyone in the temple is charrting, it's wonderful-the cleities are being rubbed down with ghee; through the thin silk chadars we can see the most exquisitely carved dhotis that the sthdpotis carved into Their forms. Each one is different: Mahaprabhu hars circular ltatterns on His, Advaita's looks like stars twinkling in the sky. diarnond-stars shining, and small, beautiful paisley clesigns scattered between thc stars; Srivasa's has flower buds, and Nityananda's is striped. But by far the most beautiful is Gadddharsr5-21 complicated, intricate paisley pattern that defies dcscription.


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