Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila


Da,ys - St i lrilti(tr-l(tllro's,\lolriPrtr-lilri

Rasarani - I nolictd so ,'t'tr-t't.y devotces r.rere reqlly hqtpy. Resavu Bharili Mahardja was silting in thr cr<tryd as well, urd he wds s() ttntaze cl and said, "Oh, nty God!" Ainclrq Prabhu wcts lcatling the kirtana. I notitul Tura had somthoty ntanagecl to gat in. When I looleed around, thtrt wert s() ,rlalri pc<tple in there ryho wcru.r,t strppostd lo bt the re, sncl stcurit.y had be en .saying that thcy we rcn't going lo le t anybody in tvho wcrsn't sttpposed to be there . I thought thcit wa.s Jtrnny. The altar is awash with poiccnnrta. which is being clirectecl through a tultnel ollt thc srde of the ternple ancl collectecl in huge buckets. Anl,one who rvants the mercy shoulcl get olrt thcre ancl get those splastres. The different liquicls rrickling off the boclies of the Lorcls is absolute poe rry in motion... so beautiful. Vrnamah YamSi Dasa (11 ytctr ttlcl studtnt from Bhalttivctlanla Acucltn'ty) - For sonte time be.fore the installatitm all o.l' us Llpanayanmn boys trterc pra.ying that we tvouldbt granttd some servicc on tht altar during thc abhiseka. I aclmit I \yas spy- irtgorr our teachtrs whcrr they tvt:re having the rnecting about tht atbhiseka and I haqrtl lhem sa-ying that they corlturt ltt many rlevotecs enter the eiltar, because they netde cl a lot of spoce . Evcn sannyasis cnd Srlla Prttbltttpada discipks \\tere not allowd. Hearing this I hnew that wt would not havc a chonce ftx' scrvice . I quichly informetl the othe r b<tvs and \vt we rc all the re ltuntnring, when Gaura Narayancr Mdruiaya callcd /trr us eutd tttld u-s that thrring the abhiseka tye ryorilcl hat,c to ltuslt lhc caranamrta with pitcts oJ boncna tree trwilt tolvrrrds the sielt tt.f tht altcn', tyhtre the clrain was situcrtt:tL. Whtn t asltcd him, "Wh.v u.s?" he onswrrtd, "Be tuuse yotr ut lhe strta/lest Brahmins arounrl, crnrl .you wou't obslmct anybod\,'s tlcrrshcm tt.l the dci(ic.s whila you orc moyingin.lront oJ the altur." l'rrr.so thuil{ul that I got U panay ananr .ju.st Iurrr .ycfl r's (tgo. Tltus Atula, Chahra, L)tldhava, and l wtrt talting car a oj lhis servirc. At one pttint l wri.s ()n the leJt siclt of the altar, cltuning eromtcl thc berce of Sri Advaittt Acarya, rvhctt I J'tlt somtthing clripping ortto tht top oJ my hcutl, as i.f somt<tne had openeel a .faucct. wherr Iloohcd up it't xrprisc,lhe right arnt o.[ srl Advairo ]v(r.s situated right over m.y head and honey was pouring.from His lotus hand. Lottking up, natlt-


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