Eighteen Days - Sri Panca Tattva's Mayapur Lila

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The Most 5pt(lacillar

rally the honey poure(l onto my Jace and entered my mouth that was open in amazetnent. For a second I Jelt scared, but then right away I thought, "Ahh, it's already prasAdaml" We were soa'hing in caranAmrta for'hours, and there was so much ghee, that Jor about two weehs aJtcrwarcls each time I put on tilah, my skin just immecliately com- pletel.y absorbed it, which meant I had to put on tilalt several times in order to mahe it show. Cidd.nanda Dasa (B year old student Jrom Bhahtivedanta Academy) - The day of the abhiseka srrived and I was wondering what service my Guruhula teacher will give me . I got an exciting seva to collect the gushing caranamrta that was coming out at the side wall. We wtre so hoppy to hear the kirtana. Because there was so much ghee on the J1oor, my Jriend Bhahta and I were collecting the caranamrla in buckets antl sliding all the way to the big container were the caranamrta ,vas stored. At one point I saw that pure goltlen honey was coming out so I got a bottle and Jilled it up to give to my parents. I also saved a lot Jor my teachers and frimds Sridhara Maharaja is still up behind NityAnanda, now he is taking a silver kalash of milk, aided by the pujarl next to him, and pouring it over Nityinancla's body... oh wow this hlrtana is incredible-get a copy of Aindra's Vrindatan Mellows, turn it on, and watch these images, and you'll get a taste o[what it's like being here... thousancls o[ voices as backup definitely alter the atmosphere, but with the mercy of Sri Panca-tattva anything is possible... Rdsaranl - W'hen they poured Lhe honey on the deities' bodies, it made Them looh eyen more golden.It was so beautiJ'ul. You could see straight through Their white dhotis to Their beautifirl bodies. The bottom Jolds oJ Their dhotis hept Jilling up with water, honey and everything else. When water went down Nityananda or Gadadhara's arm, it would splash right down from Their hands onto Lord Caitanya's feet. It wrrs so beautiful. It was lihe They we re bathing His feet. Then they started pouring diJJerent colors on the deities-bright green, deep red and


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