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April Fools’ Day Gone Wrong 3 Pranks That Severely Backfired

April 1, aka April Fools’ Day, is when people love to pull pranks on one another. But if they’re not careful, pranks can end with a court case or jail time. Let’s take a look at a few April Fools’ pranks that have brutally backfired. Navistar Plant Shutdown In April 2021, Pamela Sisco texted her sister about an active shooter at Navistar Plant in Clark County. Her sister was frightened, and she called the authorities to let them know about the situation. The plant shut down after hearing about the incident because they thought it was a real threat. When officers were at the scene, they charged Sisco with inducing panic and disrupting public services. This is a fifth- degree felony in Ohio, and she was sentenced to a year in prison. Radio Contest Gone Wrong KBDS (103.9 FM) is a radio station in California that held a contest in 2005. They told their listeners they could win a new Hummer if they tracked the number of miles of two Hummers as they drove around town. Shannan Castillo won the contest, and when she went to pick up

her brand-new car, the DJ came out with a remote control toy car. They then went on air and laughed about how they fooled everyone. Castillo hired an attorney and sued the radio station for $60,000 — the cost of a new Hummer. Practical Joke at Work Creates a Law Glenn Howlett was a services manager at London City Hall in London, Ontario, Canada. In 2004, he decided to take a vacation to relax and not think about work. His colleagues decided to tell him that a major project he was working on was due earlier than Howlett expected. So, he made his vacation short and decided to return to work to finish his project. He became so stressed out that he began having heart palpitations and collapsed. Afterward, he sued his now former employer for damages. As a result, the city passed a law prohibiting practical jokes within workplaces. As you plan your pranks for April Fools’ Day, remember not to go too far with your jokes. Make them lighthearted and fun so everyone can laugh about them in the future.


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