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GER AN I UM I NTERSPEC I F I C Pe l a r gon i um i n t e r s pe c i f i c Moxie! ™ Interspecific, compact, and efficient. • The only interspecific geranium series bred specifically for brilliant flowers, unique colors, and space-efficient production in small pots. • Excellent branching, heat tolerance, and a compact to medium vigor, make Moxie! the ideal series for small to medium-size containers with superior flowering all season long. • Moxie! combines the benefits of grower efficiency with flower power like Calliope ® geraniums, giving growers superior colors and maximum pots per square foot.

EXPOSURE Part Sun–Full Sun DIMENSIONS 14–16” W x 12–14” H HABIT Mounding FORMS URC, CC, AutoStix ®

Moxie! ™ Pink Splash


Moxie! ™ Dark Red 70069760

Moxie! ™ Deep Rose Mega Splash 70020544

Moxie! ™ Hot Pink 70074767

Moxie! ™ Orange 70080228

Moxie! ™ Pink 70065930

Moxie! ™ Pink Splash 70087139

Moxie! ™ Scarlet 70054702

Moxie! ™ Violet 70080213

Moxie! ™ White 70080236

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