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Americana ® White Splash

GER AN I UM ZONA L Pe l a r gon i um zona l e Americana ®

Greenhouse Vigor Classes



Americana ® Light Pink Splash Americana ® White Splash


North America’s No. 1 zonal geranium series. • The go-to zonal geranium series for core volume-focused programs in medium-sized pots, mixed combos, and baskets. • Americana’s right balance of medium vigor and series uniformity makes it a great choice for 2.5 qt. geranium programs where growers need versatility and a wide range of color options. • Pair Americana’s versatility with class-leading garden performance and you have an all-around geranium that works great for the grower and consumer.

MEDIUM – VIGOROUS Americana ® Bright Red Americana ® Cherry Rose Americana ® Coral Americana ® Dark Salmon Americana ® Orchid

Americana ® Pink Americana ® Red Americana ® Salmon Americana ® Scarlet Fire Americana ® Dark Red Americana ® Violet Ice Americana ® White

EXPOSURE Part Sun–Full Sun

DIMENSIONS 14–18” W x 12–16” H


HABIT Mounding, Upright

FORMS URC, CC, AutoStix ®

V E G E T A T I V E | A N N U A L S


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