Zionsville: More Energy & Movement


More Patient Success Return to running! "Marissa and the staff at ZPThelped me strengthen my knee so I could return to running. Before starting PT, I was having difficulty getting up and down the stairs. But now, within a few short weeks I can do stairs, AND I’m back to running. Thanks, ZPT.” - Cristy M.

Announcing: Childbirth Education Classes offered: BIRTH BOOT CAMP Training for an amazing hospital birth experience!

Fridays, January 12th through February 16th, 2018, 6:30 to 9:00 pm, at Zionsville Physical Therapy.

Cost is $275/ couple (includes book).

To register, visit IndyFertilityCare.com, or call 317.721.7332. (Elaine’s friend, Liz Escoffery, is the Birth Boot Camp instructor)


Announcing 2 New FREE Workshops!

NUTRITION AND MOVEMENT – A LUNCH AND LEARN CLASS: Saturday, January 20, at 11:30 a.m. This class will include the science of feeling great, with recent research and a review of how our body works. It will be interactive, challenging, and healthy refreshments will be served. It is for you if: • You’re tired of the conflicting nutrition information we hear and want evidence-based suggestions. • You’re often fatigued, have joint aches or muscle pain. • You have arthritis or other inflammation that keeps you from being more active. • You have difficulty having regular bowel movements. • You feel stuck at a certain weight that isn’t ideal, and you just want some reasonable approaches. Call the office or stop in our clinic to register for this class. Bring a friend and you are entered for a drawing for a door prize. 317.873.2033.

BALANCE, DIZZINESS AND FALL PREVENTION: Saturday, January 13, at 10:00 a.m.

This is workshop is full of self-help techniques to overcome dizziness, reduce your risk of falling, and become steadier on your feet. It is for you if: • You’ve felt unsteady on your feet and concerned that you might fall. • You’ve missed out on family activities or outings because of your balance or dizziness issues. • You’ve given up on some of the things you love to do because of your unsteadiness. • You’re noticing changes in your balance ability and just want to be proactive. Call the ZPT office to register: 317.873.2033. Reserve your seat and one for someone you know who has problems with their balance or has experienced falling.



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