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So, you need some weapons to fight the winter droops, the fatigue and stiffness?Beattheblahsand instead,boostyour immunesystemandenergy? Try these easy (and a few challenging) steps NOW: 1. Stop eating after 7pm. Instead, drink an herbal tea or water after an earlier supper time. 2. Go to bed a little earlier to allow 7 or more hours of sleep. If you get up more than once per night, you might need to come see Elaine for a little PT. 3. Drink more water EARLY in the day. Take your weight in pounds, divide by 2, then drink that number of ounces of water every day. Your urine should be clear or very light yellow. 4. Take a brisk walk…outdoors whenever possible. Research points to the physical and emotional benefits of walking and spending time in nature. Find a park or path, grab a walking buddy, and GO! Everyday. Start small and gradually work up to 30 minutes or more. 5. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. You know that’s what your body needs for energy and repair. 8 to 10 servings per day. Yikes! 6. Stretch and breathe! Get your arms overhead and inhale, then bring your arms down and back, like goal posts, exhaling. Repeat. Big, slow, deep breaths. 2 minutes twice a day. Add more stretches like a yoga or stretch class, or your home exercise program for ZPT! If you have forgotten your home exercise programwe can accept your confession, grant forgiveness and get you a new one. You’re welcome. 7. Try an exercise class to challenge your body: call ZPT and ask for Taylor

if you need a trainer for a few sessions. He’s great. Look for a group class with a gym, if you like that, and try strengthening, stretching, free weights or machines, dancing, boxing, spinning or swimming. If you have difficulty or pain when you move more, it is time for a tune-up visit with your friends here at ZPT.

8. Avoid high sugar foods, excess caffeine, and processed foods. Reward yourselfwithwholefoods,andyouwillfeelmoreenergizedwithinafewdays. 9.Attainandkeepyourselfpositive.Smile.Laugh!Watchacomedianor listen to a funny program on the radio or YouTube. The body releases chemistry that boosts your emotional state and immunity. Share good belly laughs with your family and friends. Find a silly joke and call us with your best. 10. Be JOYFUL. Ah, Joyful and triumphant…. Tis the season. Energy Drink Recipe: PURPLE PASSION

Enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner…or a post- exercise energy boost. I use a VitaMix brand blender which completely crushes and blends the fruits, vegetables and ice cubes into a smoothie. This retains the fiber and vitamins. - Elaine

• 1 teaspoon (or more) chia seed • 1 teaspoon cinnamon • 1 scoop protein powder (Elaine prefers Juice Plus brand, vanilla) • Ice cubes

DIRECTIONS Blend all ingredients together. INGREDIENTS • 1 cup coconut water • 1 handful spinach or kale • ½ banana • ½ cup frozen blueberries (strawberries or mixed fruit)

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