Finney Injury Law - June 2020

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T he days are running together. I usually write this column about 5–6 weeks prior to mailing and usually at about 5 a.m. in my kitchen. I recognize that this edition could be outdated the moment I send it to be printed. Where was I six weeks ago? I was thinking about a family spring break trip to Florida. At that time, I was a little nervous and constantly watched the news for updates and alerts about the virus. Life was still fairly normal. I was concerned about traveling with four kids. I had two enormous trials coming up. I was uneasy to say the least. Now? A lot has changed. Some of it for the better. I’ve gotten more sleep than ever before. I now go on walks with my boys each day. Some of them as long as two hours so my wife can teach the older ones. We walk to the bakery and buy fresh bread. The roads are empty (though traffic does seem to be picking up), and the parks near our home are beautiful. We have hiked the trails, kicked soccer balls, and not had to worry about a single car. My wife and I are home every night with our kids and here every morning when they wake up. Some of the change is sad. Most people will say they are anxious about this time. I guess I am, too. Sometimes I feel like I am on vacation and have that work-life

balance I always wanted. Then I snap out of it and my stomach drops. I miss my office. I miss the productivity there. I miss the hum of the motion there. I miss our mail lady. I miss going to lunch. I miss people popping in. I miss seeing our clients. I miss seeing the trust on their face. I miss delivering for them. I miss the satisfaction of helping them. I miss the easiness of the processes of the office. Just mailing a letter is much more time-consuming now. But an acceptance of this situation is evolving for me, and my outlook has turned. I am increasingly more positive. We can do this. We are going to be okay. Life is and will be different, but it is something we can and will adapt to. I appreciate our employees more. The work they all have been doing during this upheaval has been tremendous. But even better than that is their attitude. They pick us up when I am down. One of them is always, and I mean always, moving the ball forward for a client. That type of behavior is infectious. We have daily communication, and each of them has made incredible strides to help the office. I can genuinely say that I do not know where we would be without them. So when you read this, where will we be? I have no idea. I started the

practice of trial work with the long game in mind. I went through some serious ups and downs early in my career and learned deep down what I wanted to do. Nothing will sway us from that. Our office plans on being here for decades. We plan on representing people for years and years to come. This hiccup will not end it for us. It will make us stronger and more cohesive and bond us all more. What will the next column say? I’m betting good things.

Stay safe and stay healthy, everyone. We are here for you.

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