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Alumni Giving: Why I give

a commitment to spread the gospel through international ministries, camps and the Bible Institute. Through our involvement, we’ve been blessed to see how God has effectively used Word of Life and its ministries to serve the Lord. Cameron '11 and Courtney (Wallace) Hoagland '13 When Cameron and I heard there was an Adopt-a-Student program with Word of Life, we were eager to jump on the ball to support a current Bible Institute student financially. Both Cameron and I are Word of Life alum (Cameron class of 2011 and myself class of 2013) and had an amazing and life-changing experience at the school. We loved the idea of being able to bless a current student financially and help encourage them throughout the year that some of their financial needs were taken care of so they could focus on their spiritual needs and the needs of other students. Cameron was a recipient of the Chancellor scholarship when he

was a student, and he said to have extra financial assistance really positively impacted his year. We are thankful for and believe in the ministry of Word of Life and hope to adopt a student for many years to come!

on the field witnessing what God is doing through our financial gift, but this is where faith comes in. When God pulls your heart to give, there is so much joy in knowing that your obedience is allowing you to be a part of His plan for the world to know Him. I can serve God in my community, but I can also serve God in a different area of the country by equipping missionaries to do what God has called them to do. The joy in giving far outweighs whatever other ideas I might come up with to spend those extra few dollars a month. This is about more than money; it’s about joining God in His plan for the world. Victor and Angela Doucet '98 The way we began our relationship with Word of Life foreshadowed the nature of an enduring and blessed relationship to come. We knew little about Word of Life when we embarked on a Youth Reachout mission trip before our first year as a married couple at the New York Bible Institute. On that trip we worshipped and served with wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ from another culture. We ministered alongside youth passionate for the gospel, engaging in evangelism and discipleship as we struggled and grew together, and we watched God work in miraculous ways. Our year at the Bible Institute only amplified those experiences. Fast forward 22 years. We both work regular jobs and serve in our local church, but we have also been mightily blessed by being able to participate in the work of the Great Commission in partnership with Word of Life. Several Word of Life mission trips and marvelous teams, dozens of young people and countless cross-cultural friendships later, and we understand the

meaning of John 10:10. This has been an abundant life.


Loss of vacation time to lead short- term mission teams was no loss at all. It was the gain of iron sharpening iron as we learned, laughed, cried and served together as a unified team; the body of Christ. Lost income as we took our girls on summer missions rather than have them get a job meant gains of a much greater value including an understanding of other cultures, a love for the gospel and the nations, and a fan to flame our love of Christ. And, funds spent to go on a trip or to support new friends or ministries to which we were exposed has merely been an investment in the Kingdom, which always reaps the greatest rewards. We are thankful to the Lord for introducing us to Word of Life through a man whose own life spoke loudly of the abundant life, Paul Bubar. He invited us to be a part of an enduring relationship which he knew could reap abundant rewards if we agreed to participate. We are forever grateful and invite you to consider the same.

Mary (Price) Homoelle '87 Word of Life has impacted my family going on four generations. Both of my parents were saved as adults, at a Word of Life Youth Rally led by Jack Wyrtzen. This changed the course of their lives and that of their children. My siblings and I all went to summer camps and then on to the Bible Institute. My husband and I have remained involved with Word of Life to this day, sending all 5 of our children to camp and to the Bible Institute.



Rachel (Patterson) Arnold ’15 & ‘16 My husband (Ryan Arnold, ’08) and I have the joy of giving financially to what God is doing through Word of Life Local Church Ministries. A year ago, we sat down with two friends over ice cream as they began to share the passion God had placed on their hearts to see American teens grow to love and serve Jesus boldly. As they shared, my eyes were opened to the important gospel mission we have been given right inside the doors of our youth groups. Both my husband and I can look back and see that God was laying the foundations of our faith through our middle school and high school years. My husband was involved in Word of Life Local Church clubs from a young age. During his time in Word of Life clubs, he decided he wanted to serve the Lord through music ministry for the rest of his life. Our teens are desperate for truth that they can count on, and the world is so ready to steal their attention if they aren’t grounded in God’s Word. We are so thankful for our Local Church warriors who wake up every day desiring to mentor students so that the next generation will know the truth of the gospel.

As you are able, your gift to Word of Life helps the ministry continue reaching youth and sharing the gospel with this generation. Make an impact by giving at : GIVE.WOL.ORG

We choose to give to the Word of Life General Fund because we share

word of life by the numbers

Youth and Family Camps (USA) • 5 campuses • 15,193 campers • 1,323 salvation decisions Local Church Ministries (USA) • 955 church relationships • 16,800 young people ministered to weekly • 833 decisions made at Reverb events

Bible Institutes • 2 United States campuses • 14 international locations • 784 students International Ministries • 79 country locations • 1,500+ missionaries • 71,319 salvation decisions • 52 youth camps • 24 Discipleship Training Centers

Sometimes giving financially can feel very distant. We aren’t able to be there



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