The Experience Magazine Summer 2020

Deborah (Thayer ‘87) McLain and her husband, Charlie, live in Massachusetts where she is a small business owner working as a bookkeeper and is a part-time author. They have two adult children, Jonathan (24) and Michelle (19). David Smith ‘89 and his wife, Ginger, live in South Carolina where he is the Music and Administrative Pastor at Grace Baptist Church. He also travels as a soloist, conductor, and does hymn history concerts. David credits the Bible Institute for a great biblical foundation for his continued education that allowed him to double up in college. He has earned doctorates in Theology and Conducting.They have four adult children. Rachel (Woodard ‘89) Poole lives in South Carolina. She is a Client Service Associate and Operations Manager at Williams Wealth Management. She has two children: Tori (18) and Zach (16). 1990’s Tanya (Stewart ‘96) Monts and her husband, Michael, live in Florida. She is a stay-at-home mom and works with the youth group and ladies' ministry at church. They have three children: Chandler (18), Dawson (13), and Lauren (10). Kristen (Wagner ‘96) Reed and her husband, Will, Jr., live in Pennsylvania. She is a homemaker for their family of two children: Hannah (12) and Will, III (10). Elisabeth (Keyes ‘97 & ‘98) Carter and her husband, David, live in Florida. She has worked as a missionary with CEF, but is currently a stay-at- home homeschooling mom to their son, Joshua (7). Sherri (Pratt ‘99) Oliver and her husband, Bobby, live in Maine. She is a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom to their five children: Alan (18), Alex (16), Shaelyn (14), Aaron (5), and Leah (4). Jim ‘00 & Rachel (Van Tuinen ‘99) Lockwood live in Michigan where Jim has been the Executive Director of Lincoln Lake Camp since 2009. They have five children. 2000’s Jeremy Chesser ‘02 and his wife, Teesha, live in Ohio where he is a full-time firefighter, paramedic, and Fire/EMS instructor. They have two children: Kayleigh and Julius. Lydia (Lutz ‘02) Brinckerhoff and her husband, Matt, live in Pennsylvania where she is a stay- at-home mom to their six children: Rachel (15), Hannah (13), Ethan (11), Brielle (9), Benjamin (4), and Caleb (1½).

Andrew Yoder ‘06 lives in Pennsylvania where he works as an Audi parts consultant.

Caleb Fetterhoff ‘07 is currently completing his fifth year of ministry with Africa Inland Mission in Lesotho, Africa. He lives and works with mostly illiterate shepherds learning their language and then sharing the gospel with them. Catrina Anderson ‘07 lives in Florida where she is working in human resources for the State of Florida Department of Health. Rachel (Boddie ‘08 & ‘09) Barney and her husband, Oliver, live in Pennsylvania where she is the Director of Marketing & Business Development for JHA Companies, an Engineering & Land Surveying Company. They are expecting their first little one in July. 2010’s Jeffrey ‘10 & Candi (Hall ‘10) Moser live in North Carolina where Jeff is a heavy equipment operator and Candi is a stay-at-home mom. They have two children: Destini and Jeffrey III. Melanie Abernathy ‘11 lives in Virginia where she works as a nanny. She also works in the sound booth and in the kid’s ministries at church. Leah (Segretti ‘12) Williams and her husband, Tyler, live in Upstate New York where she works as a Teaching Aid. Allen Stewart ‘12 and his wife, Tiffany, live in North Carolina where he is on active duty with the Marine Corps. They have a daughter, Kylee (2). Elizabeth (Stevens ‘14) Condado and her husband, Rodemae (WOLBI Philippines graduatate) , are missionaries in the Philippines with Fellowship International Missions. They are expecting their second child in July.




Alumni Updates

1970’s Lauren ’73 and Kathleen (Mowers ‘73) Bitikofer are both retired from careers in Christian education, Kathy at the high school level and Lauren at the collegiate level. Lauren retired as Professor Emeritus last year after 42 years at LeTourneau University. Joseph Terrell ‘74 and his wife, Bonnie, live in Iowa. He has been a pastor since 1987. They have three adult children: Benjamin, Nathan, and Mary. Suzanne (Stratton ‘75) Livermore and her husband, Brian, have six adult children that are all married with kids. They live in Idaho where she is a pastor’s wife with 40 plus years in ministry and 25 at the same church. Tim Kaufman ‘76 and his wife, Alicia, live in Florida where Tim works as a corporate trainer and a worship leader. They have five children: Alexandra (Kaufman ‘04 & ‘05) Claiborne, married to Nate Clairborne ‘04 & ‘05; Amber (Kaufman ‘04) Clark, married to Andrew Clark; Sophia (Kaufman ‘09) Duke, married to Spencer Duke ‘09; Ivan ‘11; and Naomi. Mark ‘79 and Denise (Delithanasis ‘77) Stevanus have been serving as missionaries to southern Italy since the fall of 1988, where they

raised their four children, all of whom actively serve in local or foreign church ministries.


Dan ‘79 & Sherry (Jackson ‘80) Yeaton live in New Hampshire. They have four adult children: Joel ‘07, Tyler, Beth (Yeaton ‘11) Taylor, and Caitlin. They also have one granddaughter, Layla (11 months). Dan works in sales for a lumber company and Sherry works in billing for an oil & propane company. 1980’s Mark Hewitt ‘81 and his wife, Carolyn, live in Missouri where he has worked on the Facilities Team at Antioch Bible Baptist Church for 13 years after retiring from the Ford Motor Company in 2007. They have four adult children: Jacob (29), Kyle (27), Julie (25), and Michael (23) and one 6-month old grandson. Bill White ‘81 and his wife, Lori, live in Indiana. Bill works for Andretti AutoSport. He says “It (the Bible Institute) was a great way to establish a firm foundation before launching into the world.” Maxine (Dopkowski ‘86) Gifford is married to Matthew and works in a hospital and does in- home care for the elderly. They live in Michigan and have two daughters.


Joselyn Clark ‘14 lives in Pennsylvania where she works as a preschool aid at a Christian school.


Caleb Ingvaldsen '14 & ‘15 and his wife, Hannah, live in Kentucky where Caleb is a Kitchen Director at Chick-fil-A. He is also a youth leader and drummer on the praise team at church. They have a 1-year-old son, Rohan. Kaylee (Russell ‘16) Owens and her husband, Caleb, live in Pennsylvania. Kaylee is the office manager for her husband’s auto repair business. She plays bass in the church worship band and she and her husband are youth leaders and each teach a ninth grade girls' and guys' small group.





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