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Global Campuses MARK STROUT '82 – EXECUTIVE DEAN OF GLOBAL BIBLE INSTITUTES As COVID-19 spread around the world, all 15 Bible Institute campuses were impacted. The South Korea Teaching Site was the only one able to continue on- campus instruction, albeit with guest lecturers teachingvia remote video link. All others successfully transitioned to remote instruction except in Uganda where restric- tions prevented students from completing their spring semester. However, most will finish in the coming year. We praise the Lord for the way He went before us, granting wisdom to respond to the challenge, and protection for our staff and students. Much has been learned through the process, new ideas and opportunities have surfaced, and all campuses are looking forward to what lies ahead in the coming year! Updates

Student Testimonies over spring break Lindsey Lankford God has allowed so many 'outside people', who have never been to my church, to view our church service online on Sundays. We have been able to reach so many more people through social media and people sharing with their friends about our online church. This has opened awesome opportunities to get the gospel out to more people who may have never stepped into our physical church building. The coronavirus cannot stop God's work! Grace Weaver I've seen God work in the lives of my friends and the girls in my discipleship group! I've had really good conversations with my friends about their walk with the Lord and have been able to encourage them in areas that they are struggling. I've also been able to keep in contact with young girls frommy church via Zoom! After sharing verses with them about creation and explaining how God shows Himself to us through creation, it was so cool to hear their response and amazement at our Creator! Jessica Hulsey God has been showing me that my missions field is at home at the moment. God has shown me that people need something as simple as getting groceries because they cannot get out or encouraging someone with a letter, who is battling mental health. It's in the little things and little moments that I have seen the Lord work; it's truly really cool to see that in my hometown. Ethan Shope My father committed suicide during Spring Break. This threw my family into disarray, and I was able to be a light and pillar of strength to them. I was also able to lead my mother to Christ after 2 years of witnessing and praying for her. I have been teaching the Scriptures to my family and having Bible studies with my unbelieving friends. God has taught me much about pain, hope, and trust in this time. Jacob Rink I have been able to use the hardships of being at home because of the virus to share with several of my unsaved friends who wouldn't normally listen to the Gospel. No decisions yet, but they were open to listening!!

will be working to get contacts for both campuses. We’ve also taken a holistic approach to gathering contacts as an organization and have given every area of Word of Life a recruitment goal in order to keep us all engaged and consistently measure where our students are coming from. The Recruitment Team will be directly reporting to Kara Strahan in the Florida office. For Enrollment, we have combined both the New York and Florida teams and simultaneously have begun implementing a brand-new computer software called EnrollmentRX, which works inside of Salesforce, the #1 customer management relations software in the world right now. We are so thankful for this new software that will enable us to operate with greater efficiency and connect with a larger audience of students. The Enrollment team will be directly reporting to Brian Tanedo in the New York office. Even with new processes and systems in place, nothing can replace what YOU can do as alumni. Every year, a large majority of students say that what influenced them to come to the Bible Institute the most was an alumnus or alumna! We want to encourage you to be reaching out to the young people in your life and at your church to consider the possibility of spending a year, or two, at the Bible Institute. Do not forget, if you refer any student to apply, they can receive a $500 scholarship through your referral! If you don’t know how to do this, please email , or call 1.800.331.9673 . We will be providing some tools throughout this year that will make that process easier for you, so be on the lookout! As always, we covet your prayers. If there was ever a time in our nation's history that young people needed to know God and His Word, it is now. Please pray that the Lord would be working in the hearts of young people across the country and showing them the importance of

knowing Him in a real way, and that Word of Life would be the place He calls them to do that. Ministries Update JASON HEADLEE '01 – DEAN OF MINISTRIES We are so proud of all our students who jumped into ministry in a very different manner than we had planned this spring. We were able to wrap up Snowcamp and depart for break just before the COVID-19 pandemic began shutting down New York and, eventually, most of the country. In fact, we had to cancel our Spring Break tour and bring our Spring Break missions trips home early. Despite the crazy situation they found themselves in, our students reported ministering to 24,986 people with 20,898 hearing the Gospel and 93 trusting in Christ. This brings our school year total to: 70,341 ministered to, 60,448 heard the Gospel, and 1,503 trusted Christ. We are well on our way to reaching our goal of 100K this school year and are excited to see what happens over the summer as they are serving all over the country. Here are a few testimonies we received from students ministering from home throughout the spring. (see right) Student Life Update on Remote Discipleship JOSH ELY '04 & '05 – DEAN OF STUDENTS Discipleship was still high on the priority list during our remote learning. We still met with our student leadership teams digitally to talk through how they could reach out to other students as well as friends and family in the community around them. We know of two students who were taking the time to invite their neighbors for a weekly Bible study based on a course they were taking at the Bible Institute. It was an outreach to the lost but also an encouragement for adults to dig deeper into what they believed. It was a real-time application of what they were learning in the classroom.

students during the remote learning time. Our Dean of Men and Dean of Women still had devotionals with the students through Zoom, and it was a great way to stay engaged and encourage everyone. Many staff members were able to meet with their discipleship groups and continue their one-on-one relationships with individual students throughout the shutdown. It was awesome seeing the faith of our staff to know God can work through a screen just as powerfully as in person.

Introduction of 2020-2021 Theme ROGER PEACE

Every year, we prayerfully research and consider different options for our theme for the school year. This year we are excited to announce that our theme will be Trustworthy . The key verse is Psalm 62:8, which says, “Trust in him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before him; God is a refuge for us.” The research and statistics of Generation Z are unique, and we believe the Word of Life Bible Institute’s focus on teaching students that they can trust God in all spheres of their lives will be vital. In fact, I think we can agree we all need the reminder our God is trustworthy during this time!

Recruitment and Enrollment Update

ERIC MESSER; BRIAN TANEDO '10 & '12 This year, theEnrollment andRecruitment offices have received an update to our processes. With some of the difficulties that COVID presented to our campuses, we felt the Lord leading us to make a change in how we approach enrollment and recruitment between the New York and Florida Bible Institutes. Previously, each campus has implement- ed their own recruitment and enrollment strategies. With our new system, we have decided to combine our efforts and truly operate as one Bible Institute with multiple campuses! For recruitment, we have taken a national approach and split the nation into regions where the Recruitment Team


As a team here at the Word of Life Bible Institute, we remain committed to praying for and serving you. If we can do anything for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for praying with us as we desire to make much of Jesus this year.

The student leadership team was diligent to continue meeting and discipling other



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