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June 2019

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As hard as it is for me to process, my eldest son, Jude, turns 8 this month. I can’t believe how fast he’s growing up. He really is a little man now. Jude’s taken on plenty of responsibilities, lending a big hand in taking care of his little brother, Luke. Thankfully, he’s at that age where he still has some room for childhood mischief and fun. He’s sure to get plenty of both during his birthday party at Poppy and Yaya’s house. Jude’s maternal grandparents, “Poppy and Yaya,” always go all-out for their grandkids’ birthdays. Poppy enjoys making it a real blowout, renting bouncy castles, ice cream trucks, costumed characters — he basically turns their Mandeville lake house into a mini Disney World. Even when it’s not their special day, I’ve seen how much of an effort my father- in-law puts into bringing as much joy as he can to his grandkids, especially Jude. Because he’s the first grandchild in the family, Jude and Jude and Poppy An Inspiring Bond

calling him the “mayor of Magazine Street” since his regular outings with Jude really looked like someone working the campaign trail. For his part, Jude always seemed content and calm after those outings with his Poppy. Today, Jude still loves hanging out with his Poppy. They play football and basketball in the yard and go fishing on the lake. What’s amazing is that Poppy wasn’t really into sports or the outdoors until Jude came along. My son helped get him into these pursuits as a way of spending time together, and he joined wholeheartedly. As an entrepreneur, Poppy’s done his part to share his interests with Jude too, giving him bits of wisdom from the world of business. As the youngest in my family, I really didn’t get a chance to know most of my grandparents. That’s part of the reason I find Poppy and

and school functions, a feat that still blows me away. Poppy knows just how much it means to Jude and Luke that he’s there to cheer them on and never disappoints them. As a (relatively) new dad, I count myself lucky to have such a role model and mentor in my life. So this month, I wanted to celebrate both Jude and Poppy for the great example they set. With my boy getting another year older, it’s important that I remind myself to enjoy his childhood before it flies by. Poppy constantly reminds me that while I may not be able to slow Jude’s march toward adulthood, I can certainly take the time to walk beside him along the way.

“My father-in-law is a constant reminder of what it means to go the extra mile for your kids or grandkids.”

Poppy have grown incredibly close. Their bond started when Jude was just an infant.

Jude’s bond so special. At 8 and 57, the two have really transcended generational boundaries, showing just how strong family bonds can be. Honestly, Poppy’s set an example I aspire to. My father-in-law is a constant reminder of what it means to go the extra mile for your kids or grandkids. He drives all the way from Mandeville to see all the kids’ sports games

When Jude was born, Poppy would come to visit our young family, Baby Bjorn carrier in hand. He’d volunteer to take Jude on walks, giving my wife Jen the rest she needed. Strolling down New Orleans’ main thoroughfares with a baby in tow, Poppy certainly made quite the impression. I began

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