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THE SPONSORSHIP PLAN Any friend w h o designates $200.00 a year for student training becomes a "Student- Sponsor" and likewise a partici­ pant in the training of volun­ teers for worldwide service for Christ. THE CHR IST IAN 'S W ILL Many people intend to remem­ ber BIOLA in their wills, but many procrastinate, with fre­ quent resultant losses to the Lord's work. An inquiry to our office will bring information. THE INVESTMENT INCOME Those who want to give a part of their savings for investment in this Christian enterprise, and at the same time receive regular dividends, find this plan ade­ quately meets their needs. THE TRUSTEE ACCOUNT Preferred by some with Savings and Loan accounts. Donor, con­ sidered a trustee for BIOLA, is in complete control while living. At death, the remaining balance goes to BIOLA. THE BIOLA FELLOWSHIP Consists of those who desire to be faithful stewards in BIOLA's ministry. Their stewardship con­ sists of regular support of the GENERAL, RADIO, or M IS ­ SIONARY funds.

The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc. Stewardship Department 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles 17, Calif. am interested in:



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TRAVEL WITH CHRISTIAN LEADERS "Never more than ticket cost . . . Always substantial savings on hotels and sight seeing’

To A la ska via the famed " Inside Passage" aboard Canadian Pacific's Princess Louise from Vancouver, B.C., June 6, returning June 14. Our Bible teacher will be Dr. Harold L. Fickett, Jr., Pastor of First Baptist Church, Van Nuys, Calif, formerly of Tremont Temple, Boston. Our music director: John M. Gustafson, the west's most popular tenor! All expense steamer trip only $235 up (Canadian funds).

To Hawaii via jet from any West Coast city leaving June 18, for the finest vacation of your life: 12 brim-full wonderful days in 'The Paradise of the Paci­ fic." Stay at the world famous Moana Hotel on Waikiki Beach. Complete sightseeing; I u a u; meet and hear local pastors and missionaries; all expenses, only $378.

To Australia And The Far East via jet, June 18, on a 40 day 25,000 mile Grand Circle Tour of all the Pacific Bases: Hawaii, Fiji Is­ lands, New Zealand, Aus­ tralia, Singapore, Thai­ land, Viet Nam, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, and Alaska, round trip from any West Coast city at only $1995 for practi­ cally all expenses. Guest Leader, Dr. J. Lester Har- nish, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Portland, Oregon, formerly of Temple Bap tist, L.A.

TOUR PERSONALITIES top to bottom Dr. Harold L. Fickett, Jr. John M. Gustafson

Dr. J. Lester Harnish Dr. James T. Martin

These top-rated vacations re­ quire an early reservation so WR ITE NOW for a descriptive tour folder.

DR. JAMES T. MART IN , Pastor Chevy Chase Baptist Church 1209 East Garfield Avenue Glendale 5, California

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□ Alaska Cruise;

j j Hawaii Vacation;

J j Pan-Pacific







T P l n e K i n g © A publication of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc. Louis T. Talbot, Chancellor S. H. Sutherland, President • Ray A. Myers, Chairman of the Board JANUARY, in the year of our Saviour Vol. 52, No. 1 Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-one Established 1910 Dedicated to the spiritual development of the Christian home Anfitk W IL L YOUR W ATCH -N IGH T SERVICE BE ON THE REVIVAL LEVEL? — Ernest M. Wadsworth ............................. ...... 10 A PERSONAL RESOLVE — George T. Tibbetts .................. ...... 11 SHORT CUT TO M ISSIONS ENTHUSIASM — Betty Stevens ...... 12 WHOSE BODY IS YOURS? — Walter L. Wilson ......... ............ 14 W H A T W ILL HAPPEN TO AM ER ICA ? — William Ward Ayer .... 15 JUVENILE DELINQUENCY — Martin R. DeHaan ..................... 16 A PROPHECY BEING FULFILLED — Gordon Chilvers ......_...... 18 A TWO -CENT PIECE OF BUTTER COST THE BANKER HIS JOB — John Edmund Haggai ......................................... 20 THE SUNDAY SCHOOL CAN HELP THE CHR IST IAN HOME — Charles G. Schauffele ........................... ................ ........... 32 THE FAM ILY FORTUNE — Victor Tramm er................ ........... 33 THE BRIGHTEST SPOT OF THE DAY — Al Sanders ............... 40 Feotuw A MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR — Samuel H. Sutherland ..._...... 8 DR. T A LBO T S QUESTION BOX — Louis T. Talbot ......... ....... 24 TALK ING IT OVER — Clyde M. Narramore ................ .......... 26 PERSONAL EVANGELISM — Benjamin Weiss .......................... 27 BOOK REVIEWS — Arnold Ehlert .................... ..................... 28 WORLD NEW SGRAMS — James O. Henry .............................. 30 ‘ SCIENCE A N D THE BIBLE — Bolton Davidheiser ....................... 31 THE CHR IST IAN HOME — Paul Bayles ................................. 34 THE JUNIOR K ING 'S BUSINESS — Martha S. Hooker: "TH E REVOLUTION OF T EDD Y " — Betty Bruechert _____ 34 A L U M N I NEW S — Inez McGahey ___________________________ 39

CLASSIC W R IT ING S OF Dr. John F. Walvoord, President Dallas Theological Seminary To Live Is Christ

(Exp. Phil.) ....$2.00 The Millennial Kingdom ____$4.95 The Holy Spirit $3.95 The Rapture Question $3.00 The Return of The Lord ...... $2.50 The Thessalonian

Epistles ......... $2.50 from your bookstore, or D U N H AM PUBLISHING COM PANY Findlay, Ohio "TH E CONVENT HORROR" Story of Barbara Ubryk One of the saddest narratives on Con­ vent Life ever written. No book like this in print! In “The Convent Horror” terri­ ble facts taken from Official Records, re­ veal how beautiful Barbara Ubryk was locked in a small Nunnery Basement Dungeon twenty one years. The most terrible revelations ever recorded! Protes­ tants awake! Order your copy of this amazing book to-day. Postpaid only $1.35. Edition limited. GOSPEL BOOKS Dept. KB-1 Rowan, Iowa


because the VOICE

will be LOUDER

If you will help with thh new opportunity for radio station H L K X 20,000 watts 1060 kilocycles


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* N O W IN H A N D : Government permit to increase power to a mighty 50,000 watts! i f URGENTLY NEEDED: Your sacrificial help N O W to make this significant advance in radio missions. Write tor your free pamphlet quoting thrill- mg letters from behind the iron curtain. Y nth — Adres. If you contribute $1.00 or more to HLKX Ex* pension Program Q or HLKX Maintenance Q check square for a gift copy of the Moody Press book, WHEN GOD ANSWERED PRAYER.

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JERRY JENSEN: Production Manager EDITORIAL BOARD Irene Boyd, Bolton Davldheiser, Arnold D. Ehlert, Charles L. Feinberg, James O. Henry Martha S. Hooker, Oran H. Smith, Gerald B. Stanton



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TH IRTY YEAR READER My husband has accepted a call to min­ ister on the island of,St. Helena. I under­ stand that this will be somewhat a lonely appointment without much fellowship, so we are looking forward to the fellowship of THE KING’S BUSINESS. I have been enjoying this magazine for over 30 years, ever since I graduated from Biola in 1928. Mrs. P. J. (Beth Mahon) Visser, Natal, So. Africa. NEW N A V Y READER Please begin my subscription right away. I am in the Navy and in boot camp right now. The extra gift is for you to use in the Lord work as it is needed. I hope to learn electronics and serve the Lord in that way. Mr. Timothy Edwards, Smartville, Calif. E d itor ’ s N o t e : Gifts to the magazine are placed in our “Free Fund” which is used to send subscriptions to needy mis­ sionaries, prison chaplains, and other places where spiritual needs are great. NOT TOO MUCH ADVERTISING THE KING’S BUSINESS has been in our family for years. We have been tak­ ing (name of another Christian magazine) but it is so full of advertising. You almost think you have hold of Sears’ catalog. Why can’t they put the ads in the back and not mix them up with good reading. I doubt if God approves of it. I trust you folk will live up to the King’s business, and we know He will support it. Mrs. Harry B. Funk, Colorado Springs, Colorado. E d itor ’ s N o t e : Advertising and circula­ tion are the life blood of any magazine. Since advertisers want to have their mes­ sage read, they desire the best placement where people will see their product. THE KING’S BUSINESS tries very carefully to screen all advertisements as well as the placement of the material. WORDS OF COMFORT We receive such a great blessing from the work of the dedicated men of God, who help to compile the magazine. May the Lord help each one of you as you carry on until the Saviour returns. Mrs. Jo* P. Bradley, Dallas, Texas. CUP OF COLD WATER Recently I read in your magazine about the “Free Fund.” This speaks of maga­ zines for missionaries. If this can be an encouragement to you or to others in helping toward this cause, we wish to impress it upon the hearts of readers about the blessings received from THE KING’S BUSINESS! The Scriptures say, “A cup of cold water.” We say that this can mean the subscription to THE KING’S BUSINESS. God bless those who remember us in the foreign lands, and especially in Indonesia. Mr. Howard M. Goring, P. Slantar, Sumatra, Indonosia.

“The Ideal Investment for a Wom” A stable lifetime income * no investment worries or expenses large tax savings * and great Christian satisfaction

throughout the life of a survivor if so desired. Because this Christian plan—in opera­ tion over 100 years—helps support the work of the Society in translating and distributing the Scriptures wherever the need exists—you share in this great mis­ sion when you invest this way.

Women knowhowimportant it is to have peace of mind. That is why so many of them invest their savings in American Bible Society Annuity Agreements, often starting with as little as $100. They receive an immediate income— not deferred until old age, as with conven­ tional types of annuity. And these pay­ ments, unlike dividends, which increase income tax, actually reduce it substan­ tially because over 80% of this annuity income may be tax free. This income is lifelong, unfailing and unchanging—and may also continue

Prompt, fu ll payments without fa il fo r over a century

T “ A m e r i c a n b i b l e s o c i e t y 450 Park Avenue, New York 22, N. Y. Please send me, without obligation, your booklet KB-11 entitled “A Gift That Lives.” □ Mr. □ Mrs. Name □ Miss

End Worry With An A.B.S. Annuity Agreement

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EXPOSITION— PLUS! by Roy L. Laurin, D.D.

ROMANS— Where life begins ........ $4.00 I CORINTHIANS Where life matures $3.50 II CORINTHIANS Where life endures $3.00 PHILIPPIANS Where life advances $3.00 COLOSSIANS— Where life is established $2.50

Mr. Noel Nelson, Navigator mission­ ary from Ft. Worth, Texas, has been sent to West Pakistan at the invita­ tion of the United Presbyterian Mis­ sion. Nelson will supervise transla­ tion and distribution of Bible studies and Scripture memorization in the Urdu dialect. Mr. Ken Anderson, executive vice- president of Gospel Films, has report­ ed on his organization’s new program, “Militant Visualization,” which is aimed at helping churches and pas­ tors to implement a dynamic pro­ gram by inclusion of Christian pro­ ductions. Rev. Darrell L. Pearson has been named general manager of the Evan­ gelical Free Church Press which prints, among other materials, the de­ nominational organ, The Evangelical Beacon. Dr. Harold W. Boon, president of the Accrediting Association of Bible Col­ leges has announced new officers of the organization to include, Dr. W il­ liam Culbertson, president of Moody Bible Institute; Dr. Claude R. Rickman, dean of Central Wesleyan College; Dr. Samuel H. Sutherland, president of Biola; and Dr. A. H. Yetter, president of Rockmont College. Mr. Robert L. Eby, president of the Electronic Organ Arts, has announced the development of a three manual home model “do-it-yourself” organ. The Artisan has 64 stops, 61 note manuals, and 32 note pedal board. Mr. Larry Ward, vice-president of World Vision, has taken charge of all arrangements for the coming Tokyo Crusade of the organization scheduled for May of this year. Dr. Henry G. Perry, executive secre­ tary of the American Tract Society, helped to celebrate ATS’s 91st year at

Dr. Hyman Appleman, evangelist, has completed a special 13 day ministry in Alaska. He had been in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for two weeks preceding his trip to our 49th state. Dr. George L. Ford, executive secre­ tary of the National Association of Evangelicals, has set February 17 as the 1961 World Day of Prayer. “A Sower Went Forth” is the theme for this year’s observance. Dr. Merril C. Tenney, dean of graduate school of Wheaton College, and Dr. Arinin Gess- wein, chairman of the Spiritual Life Commission of the NAE aided in the preparation of special materials. Dr. Billy Graham was featured in spe­ cial meetings this fall at the Euro­ pean Bible Institute’s recently ac­ quired property near Paris, France. Dr. Graham in Europe Rev. David Barnes is director of the school and Rev. Robert P. Evans is founder of the work. Both were pres­ ent for the meeting. Dr. Lamberta Voget has announced that March 23 to 25 are the dates for the 12th annual Christian Social Work Conference. Houghton College in New York is the site set for the conclave. The organization has its headquarters in Wheaton, Illinois. Rev. Spiros Zodhiates, general secre­ tary of the American Mission to Greeks, has just had a new com­ mentary on the Epistle of James pub­ lished. Rev. Zodhiates has been branded as a heretic by the Greek Orthodox church but continues his efforts to present the true claims of Christ to needy Grecians. Mrs. Gilbert Stenholm, director of Un­ usual Films, was honored by Bob Jones University and its president Dr. Bob Jones, Jr. at a recent celebration of the tenth anniversary of the film production branch of the organiza­ tion. The group reports literally hun­ dreds of conversions during the past decade of service. Mr. Claude Rhea, tenor soloist, is featured on the new recording of Haydn’s oratorio, “The Creation,” produced by Broadman Press. S | t a ‘

I JOHN— Life at its best ...........$2.50 MEET YOURSLLh IN THE BIBLE ...... $3.00 From your bookstore or DU NH AM PUBLISHING COM PANY Findlay, Ohio


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— A stirring missionary challenge — What be come s of God's chosen mission­ aries? — Presents a powerful missionary call f o r dedicated young peo­ ple — Excellent for mission­ aries on furlough 16mm COLOR SOUND

Dr. Perry presents Bibles. West Point with the presentation of Bibles to the 518 incoming Protestant plebes. Mr. George M. Cowan, president of Wycliffe Bible Translators, announces that the group is planning an ad­ vance into the Bibleless tribes of West Africa.



A Tower of Strength in Christian Education Since I860


A m o n g t h e first American Indians to wholeheartedly embrace the good news of the gospel were the Arikara Indians, the peace loving people from the North Dakota terri­ tory. The Arikaras were some of the most advanced American Indians in the cultivation of crops. Because of this, they could easily understand the parable of the “seed and the sower” when a missionary brought them the gospel in 1876. During the great revival among the Arikaras in 1920, Miss Lillian Little Soldier gave her life to Christ in dedication to the only true and great Spirit. It was during these meet­ ings that she met and married the young evangelist, Rev. R. H. Klaudt. As a soldier of the cross, Lillian Little Soldier found the will of God in her life. She and her husband began a lifetime of service in evangelism. Pictured on the cover of this month’s King’s Business are Mrs. Klaudt and her five children, Vernon, Ramona, Melvin, Raymond, and Ken­ neth. They have all added an in­ tegral part to the family’s personal presentation of the gospel. The major part of their ministry centers around musical selections with variety and unique styling. Mrs. Klaudt learned to play the organ and sing as a young girl in an Indian mission. Her musi­ cal ability is reflected in all five children. Besides working with as many as forty denominations each year, the Klaudt family often present their colorful programs to governors and statesmen, in educational institutions, in ballparks, and to youth rallies. Many of their meetings are held be­ fore thousands of American Indians in reservations throughout the United States. The cover picture does not include Rev. Klaudt, husband and father, who is of German descent. He entered the ministry as an evangelist while still a teenager. The Klaudt Indian family was photographed for the cover by Ray Storey of Alpha Omega produc­ tions, using as locale the beautiful Indian village at Southern Califor­ nia’s Knott’s Berry Farm, just a few miles from the BIOLA La Mirada campus. The Klaudt family has just pro­ duced a long playing record, Number KF-905 LP, Cornerstone, available at all Christian bookstores or through the Biola Book Room, 560 South Hope Street, Los Angeles 17, California.

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K I N D ' S BUS I NES S ’ makes t i idl al êf , W M A i i U M M . f 0 s a y thank you!

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a post-election MEDITATION The 1960 Presidential election is now a matter of rec­ ord. If the issues involved in it had been merely a matter of partisan politics, one would have not be inclined to take the matter too seriously, or to engage in a post-elec­ tion meditation. But this was not an ordinary political campaign. Principles were at stake which strike at the very roots of the American way of life, and consequent­ ly the results of the election are deeply disturbing. For the first time in American history the White House will be occupied by a man who, by his upbringing and personal conviction, is pledged to a foreign power as dictatorial in its ideology as any type of government that has ever been in existence. Nor is this merely a dictatorship in the realm of the spirit. Actually, it is a dictatorship both spiritual and temporal. Abundant evidence for this is available in papal proclamations, in statements of canon law, in repeated experiences of many nations during the last several hundreds of years of their history. It is devoutly hoped that for the next four yea;rs the welfare of the coun­ try, as promised, will be paramount in the thinking, plan­ ning and decision-making of the President-elect. However, this new political situation in the United States is not by any means the only cause for concern on the part of born-again Christians. An even greater reason for anxiety is the light-hearted attitude displayed by so many Protestant citizens toward the serious issues involved in this election. It is perfectly evident that victory was obtained for the Democratic candidate because a great many Protestants voted according to their political affili­ ations rather than in line with their so-called religious convictions. So it is obvious that Protestantism in the United States is in a sadly decadent condition. Has it been forgotten that the very word "Protestant" was born out of the vigorous protests of individuals who opposed the inroads of the Roman Catholic Church into the privacy of their hearts, consciences, convictions and conduct? Our fore­ fathers in other lands deliberately and determinedly threw off the yoke of bondage, repudiating any connection what­ ever with this religio-political system. This attitude of Protestantism in the United States has been unshaken for nearly two centuries. Even as late as 1928, Protestants of this country— whatever their political affiliation— res­ olutely refused to allow anyone connected with this foreign power to occupy the office of President of the United States. But evidently during the past thirty-two years a tragic change has taken place. When the Roman Catholic Church urged their adherents to vote for John F. Kennedy, it was labeled as merely "expres­ sing one's convictions. " But when Protestants spoke out in person or in print, advocating the election of a Protestant rather than a Catholic president, that was described as "religious bigotry." And, amazing as it may seem, this charge was not made by Catholics alone, but also by fellow- Protestants, members of Protestant churches. However, the Protestant laity should not be blamed too much. It is else­ where the responsibility lies. This situation points up an extremely grave condition that exists in Protestant ranks today. It is this: Denominational leaders and ministers have departed from the faith to such an extent that they are no longer acquainting their congregations with the great

P H IL KERR "Music in Evangelism"

Two books in one: a history of Gos­ pel Music, plus many stories of famous hymns and their writers. 216 pages, cloth $1.50 PHIL KERR'S GOSPEL SONGS 50 cents



-Unusual documentary sequences from the Upper Amazon -Living conditions and problems of indigenous missionary endeavor — Effectively used by missionary candidates or missionaries on fur­ lough itineraries 16mm COLOR SOUND



doctrines found in the Word of God, which, in large measure, constitute the basic, doctrinal differences between Prot- estanism and the Church of Rome. The people in the Protest­ ant churches are not educated in the truth and they no longer know why they are Protestants and against what they are protesting ! In 1928, the deadly virus of modernism, which is the un­ derlying cause of this trouble, had not so deeply penetrated the church of Jesus Christ in the United States. Then its deadly work in the larger denominations was just beginning. But alas, since that time it has so completely infected so many local congregations and denominational publications that the present generation is quite ignorant of our his­ toric position as Protestants, and of the battles that have been waged, and the blood shed, for our freedom to worship God according to the dictates of our consciences. Of course, there were other factors which determined the outcome of this election, but it is our conviction that the most sig­ nificant one for the church of Christ was the unmistakeable evidence of the departure from the faith of a large segment of the Protestant church. Can it be that those noble men and women of the past who fought and died to give us such a magnificent heritage of _ ■’eedom sacrificed themselves in vain? Can it be that we '.¿'hohave so eujoyed our religious liberty are now indiffer­ ently to let it slip from our grasp? Can it be that we have sunk so low that we are more concerned about being called "religious bigots" than we are about taking our stand upon the Word of God, fearlessly proclaiming its eternal truths, and at all costs preserving our liberties? Can it be that the Protestant citizenry of these United States is more interested inpolitical affiliations than principles of re­ ligious freedom? Can it be that by so lightly regarding our own convictions, as well as the faith of our fathers, we are condemning future generations to the ever-increasing pressure of a foreign ideology? Can it be that the Protes­ tant denominations, which have such a noble history since the fires of the Reformation broke out in Europe, are so preoccupied with a "social Gospel" that the proclamation of the true Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has no longer any meaning to them? Are we approaching the time, through the idea of complete co-operation and the concept of ecu­ menicity, that the membership of these denominations will repudiate their historic position and will unite with Rom­ an Catholicism to form one great world church? God forbid! If such is the case— and I pray it may not be so— the glory of our faith in large measure has departed. Indeed, it is evident that the last days of this dispensation are upon us because these conditions are those that the pro­ phetic Scriptures have described as characteristic of the end times. In these tremendous days prayer, and yet more prayer— earnest, God-honoring, believing, prevailing prayer— is needed as never before. Let us ask God that His will may be done and that we may be found faithful in our testimony and in our lives, showing forth the wonderful grace of Jesus, wrought out on Calvary for our behalf. Will you join me in this "post-election meditation" and dedicate yourself to stand up and to be counted for Christ in this generation?

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P Writ.

K -9-37 -3 |


820 N. LaSalle Street * Chicago 10, Illinois j Please send me, without obligation, information relating to: □ Moody Annuity Plan. □ Wills.

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President, The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Inc.




W h e r e a s my earthly career must be but a few short years and realizing the necessity of a zealous, consecrated and intelligent service for my Master: THEREFORE, be it resolved: 1. That, with God’s help l w ill live a true life, with one supreme ambi­ tion, namely, to do His w ill and spend my life in unselfish endeavor to present the Gospel of Salvation to mankind. 2. That, I w ill live a quiet, rest­ fu l life, not anxious nor restless, knowing that “It is not by might nor by power, but His Sp irit’ that victory and success are won. 3. That, I shall spend a portion of every day in devotional Bible study and communion with Him. 4. That, I w ill abide in Him so that His presence and power may be re­ vealed through me. 5. That, my vision of the work and

than the whole world, and that Jesus Christ came to save EVERY sinner, “not willing that any should perish.” 10. That, I shall have true sym­ pathy and compassion for all men, be patient with those who a r e thoughtless, ungrateful and critical; and ever seek to do for others as / believe Christ would do for them and for me. 11. That, I w ill rely completely upon the Holy Spirit for guidance, in­ struction and power for sendee. 12. That, these simple fundamen­ tals shall be read at least once each week, to the end that I may be “stead­ fast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord.” This resolution was made more than fifty years ago by George T. ("Pop") Tib- bitts. The Lord has honored his efforts down through the years. Both Camp-of- the-Woods and Park-of-the-Palms were founded by this servant of God. Although he has been called Home to be with the Lord, his testimony lives on. Available from the American Tract Society, 513 W. 166th Street, New York.

its need shall be as broad as human­ ity and the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. 6. That, I shall be stable in my be­ lief, tactful, a Hiring sacrifice, but not fanatical. 7. That, my ambition w ill not be greater than my judgment in caring for my body, so that I w ill be able to do the work to which He assigns me. That I w ill live, at stated periods, close to Nature that my body may be re-created and my soul refreshed. 8. That, I shall endeavor to intro­ duce at least one person to Jesus Christ each day and teach them to know Him as a personal Saviour. Where a conversation is either un- advisable or impossible other means to the same end shall be employed, such as tracts and other religious lit­ erature. 9. That, 1 w ill prize every individ­ ual, making no difference as to con­ dition, education or position, know­ ing that the soul is of more value





I cannot always see the path that leads To heights above; I sometimes quite forget He leads me on With hand of love; But yet I know the path must lead me to Immanuel's land. And when I reach life's summit I shall know And understand. I cannot always trace the onward course M y ship must take; But, looking backward, I behold afar Its shining wake Illumined with God's light of love, and so I onward go In perfect trust that He who holds the helm The course must know. I cannot always see the plan on which He builds my life. For oft the sound of hammers, blow on blow, The noise of strife Confuse me till I quite forget He knows And oversees. And that, in all details, with His good plan M y life agrees. I cannot always know and understand The Master's rule; I cannot always do the tasks He gives In life's hard school; But I am learning with His help to solve Them, one by one, And, when I cannot understand, to say “Thy will be done:" Now at the dawning of the year, 'Ere other feet the threshold press. Bring Thou Thy wisdom, strength and joy; Prosper our toil, our pleasure bless. Bring Thou Thy peace to fill our hearts; Our every door we open wide; Oh, come, Lord Jesus, guest beloved. For our New Year, enter Thou in, and here abide! PRAYER FOR THE NEW YEAR

by Ernest M. Wadsworth General Director / Great Commission Prayer League

W e l iv e i n times when souls are more exposed to danger than at any previous period of Church his­ tory. One needs to read only a few passages on the state of the Church at the end of this age to come to this conclusion. “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accus­ ers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away” (2 Timothy 3:1-5; see also verses 6-8, 13-17). Every thoughtful Christian knows definitely how difficult it is to bring the people of God to walk in “new­ ness of life” so that the power of Christ may rest upon them, and that out from them the Word of God in power may awaken, convict, and con­ vert multitudes. The enemy has come in “like a flood,” but the Lord will, upon the repentance and obedience of His people, “lift up a standard against him.” The times are difficult, but God is mightier than all the principalities and powers of Hell. Let us turn to God on this Watch Night, as did Wesley and Whitefield

and their brethren in the days of spiritual decadence, in the year 1739, when on the last night of that year, God began to revive His work in what is now known as “The Great Awakening.” He is the God of the present, as of the past. He will hear still and answer grandly, the prayers of right-living people. The Kind of Revival We Need It must be “a work of God,” ef­ fected by the Spirit, in keeping with the Word. And if it is such a work Of God, it will have its usual marks. Read Psalm 90:13-17. Preparation for Watch Night Let those who long for a spiritual awakening observe the counsel given in Proverbs 16:1 and in 1 Timothy 4:16. The following pertinent sugges­ tions may be of some value: 1. Enter into God’s presence with praise and thanksgiving. 2. Meditate on Scriptures appro­ priate to the need for revival. 3. Face up to the spiritual state of God’s people. 4. Consider the world situation. 5 Take a glimpse at the cause of God on mission fields. 6. Pray in the Spirit for the kind of revival He wants. 7. End grandly with a song of faith, hope, and love. 8. Expect God to give you a blessed new year.



short cut to missions enthusiasm


by Betty

A r e you a pastor who at one time thought you would be a mis­ sionary—but the Lord definitely led into the home mission field instead? However, you’ve always had a heart interest in the foreign field. You just wish you had a closer tie-in with the field—so you could make it real to your people—really fire them with more missionary zeal!

Or perhaps you are ministering to a congregation that is indifferent to the way “the other h a lf’ lives. They believe that charity begins at home. They will give generously for a new Christian Education building — but they haven’t caught the vision at all of tile spiritual and physical darkness where there is no opportunity to know Christ. They see no urgent necessity

Home Base of Missionary Aviatic

Lacandon Indian at Naja—Phil Baer’s tribe.

for getting the Word of God out to Bibleless tribes. It may be that you, a missionary- minded church member, are wishing that your pastor would be behind the program of missions and give it a big push in your church. You’ve just had a week at a summer conference where the emphasis was on missions —and no one in your church seems even remotely interested. Your pastor wields so much influence that you know if he once got on fire, there would soon be a conflagration. How can you get him enthused about the fields white unto harvest, where it may soon be too late—where doors are closing? Why not start a “whis­ pering campaign” to get the church sponsoring such a trip—an anniver­ sary, Christmas, or birthday gift for an overworked pastor? Some churches have shared expenses with the minis­ ter in order to make the trip a possi­ bility. Are you teaching in a Bible college or seminary and feeling the need of that added spark which a firsthand experience of the mission field can impart through you to fire the en­ thusiasm of your students? The successful solution to these problems may lie in a comprehensive visit to a mission field—no longer a remote possibility because of limita­ tions of time and finances that it once seemed. A Pastor’s Tour of a field where actual missionary work is in progress would seem tailor-made to fit these needs, and such tours are now available. A series of such trips have been ar-



Indians Hiring near Jungle Camp.

and here observe the training pro­ gram in its more intensive phase. Native villages are visited, a trip taken to the home of the Baer family, translators to the Lacandon Indians, a tribe which has not yet responded to the Gospel—and as a contrast, a visit to the Tzeltal Indian tribe where there are thousands of believers and many indigenous churches. Pastors and Christian leaders who have made this trip have spoken en­ thusiastically of the blessing and challenge which they received. “The experience was tremendous,” says one, and another reported, “I came home . . . spiritually refreshed and chal­ lenged . . . I am indebted to the tour for a greater missionary vision and will be glad to help in any way I can in the work.” At least one pastor is known to have gone to the mission field himself, under his denomina­ tional board, as a result of making the Mexico tour. He said that this trip had presented him with a challenge which he could not escape. Tours are usually conducted dur­ ing the months of February and March, when the weather is normally dry and the Jungle Training Camp is in session. The trips are so arranged that if he travels by air, a pastor need miss only one Sunday from his own pulpit. The challenge of darkened and impoverished lives who know nothing of a Saviour is realized as never before by those making this trip. Apprecia­ tion for such an opportunity, con­ tained in a letter from a New Jersey pastor at the conclusion of his Mexico visit, expressed the feeling of many others who have taken the Pastors’ Tour: “Every step of the way was a blessing. I shall never forget the varied experiences and testimonies t h a t it was my privilege to witness . . . I

could write a book about all the good things. My church is now increasing­ ly sharing that enthusiasm.” All arrangements for these tours are made through the Chicago office of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Name and address of pastor, as well as name and address of church, should be stated when making application to join the tour. For further information, write to Mr. R. W. Wyatt, 809 North Austin Boulevard, Chicago 51, 111. Tzeltal Indian teaching Sunday school at Lacandon Village. (Note that his trans­ lated New Testament is carefully wrapped in newspaper for protection.)

'ellowship, Ixtapa, Chiapas, Mexico.

ranged annually for several years, initiated and organized by Mr. R. W. Wyatt, Central States Representative of Wycliffe Bible Translators. Groups have been visiting the Mexico field, which has the largest concentration of workers of any country in which Wycliffe is working, and has the added advantage of proximity. Opportunity is afforded for visits to national points of interest, such as the ancient pyramids of Mexico, as well as for a limited amount of sight-see­ ing in Mexico City itself before leav­ ing to observe facets of the Wycliffe training program and tribal transla­ tion work. Visitors will see Bible translation in progress, both on paper and in the hearts and lives of con­ verted Indians. They will participate in services in the Spanish and Indian languages. Two or possibly three days will be spent at the Wycliffe Jungle Training Camp at Chiapas, in southern Mexico. Here accepted candidates for mission­ ary service with Wycliffe Bible Trans­ lators,—either as translators or sup­ port personnel — nurses, teachers, pilots, mechanics, radiomen, etc. — leam how to live in the primitive conditions which will face them when they arrive at their field assignment— how to put a roof over their heads, constructed of available materials, how to get in and out of and sleep in a jungle hammock, how to boil water! (since all water must be boiled), etc. Canoe trips and mule rides, as well as opportunities for swimming and hiking, are features of the tour. Then the party moves on to the Jungle Camp Advance Base,



and could get along quite well without Him.” This fact and truth surprised my own heart. I knew it was true, and yet dreaded the fact that it was true. My friend at once remarked, “It is because of this that your life is so fruitless even though your efforts are so great. If you will seek to personally know the Holy Spirit He will transform your life. Read John 14:16 and 17, and see whether you do really know Him, the Spirit, and if you find you do not, then come to Him immediately in faith and make Him the Lord of your life.” I was afraid to do as this brother suggested. Three ob­ stacles loomed large before me to prevent me from taking the Holy Spirit for myself. The first was my fear of be­ coming a religious fanatic; the second was a fear of giv­ ing Christ an inferior place, and thus hurting His heart. (I did not know that there was no jealousy in the God­ head.) The third was that I should be giving to the Holy Spirit a position and place that should be occupied only by Christ. The preacher left the city before I had made a decision in my soul. Shortly thereafter that blessed man of God, the late Dr. James Gray, came to our city, and one eve­ ning expounded Romans 12:1. Leaning over the pulpit, he said, “Have you noticed that this verse does not tell us to whom we should give our bodies? It is not the Father Who asks for it. He remains upon His throne. Another has come to earth without a body. God could have made a body for Him as He did for Jesus, but He did not do so. God gives you the privilege and the indes­ cribable honor of presenting your bodies to the Holy Spirit, to be His dwelling place on earth. If you have been washed in the Blood of the Lamb then yours is a Holy body, washed whiter than snow, and will be ac­ cepted by the Spirit when you give it. Will you do so now? When I arrived home that night I went to my study. There I lay upon the carpet, prostrate in God’s presence, heart-broken over a fruitless life, yet filled with a great hope because of the words I had heard from a teacher in whom I had all confidence. There, in the quiet of that late hour, I said to the Holy Spirit, “My, Lord, I have mistreated You all my Christian life. When I wanted You I called for You; when I was about to engage in some work I beckoned You to come and help me perform my task. I have sought to use You only as a willing servant to help me in my self-appointed and chosen work. I shall do so no more. “Just now I give You this body of mine; my hands, my limbs, my eyes and lips, my brain, all that I am within and without. You may send this body to Africa, or lay it on a bed with cancer. It is Your body from this moment on. Help yourself to it. Thank You, my Lord, I believe You have accepted it, for in Romans twelve and one You said ‘acceptable unto God.’ We now belong to each other.” As I left home that morning I said to my wife, “Lover, this is to be a wonderful day with me, for I gave my body to the Holy Spirit last evening. I have quit asking Him to help me do things, and shall today see Him as Lord of my life, doing things through me. I will call you up and let you know what happens.” About ten o’clock two young ladies entered my office, selling advertising. They had often called for that pur­ pose before, and I had given them some large contracts. Never had I spoken to them about the Lord Jesus. My lips had been my own, and I used them for business pur­ poses. Now, however, these lips had been given away, and the Holy Spirit made use of them at once.

B e c a u s e there exists in these days a great desire in the heart for, and a confusion in the mind concerning, the Spirit-filled life, or the path of consecration, it may help to clear this matter if I tell you of my own experience with the Lord, the Spirit. I first trusted the Lord Jesus in December, 1896. He saved me and changed my life. Immediately the Word of God became my constant companion. I loved it, studied it, preached it, and gave away tracts in large quantities. No apparent success followed my labors, and much energy produced little fruit. This failure disturbed me greatly, but I assured myself and was assured by others, that we were not to look for results, but only to be busy at seed sowing. In 1913 the Lord sent to my home a godly man who had been serving the Lord in France. He said to me, “What is the Holy Spirit to you?” I replied, “He is one of the Persons of the Godhead.” “Yes,” said he, “that is Who He is but I asked you what is He to you?” I answer­ ed this question by saying, “He is a Teacher, a Guide; He is the third Person of the Trinity.” My friend corrected me, saying, “He is the first two, but He is not the last that you mentioned, for to call Him the third Person is to give Him a place of insignificance and inferiority which He should not have. He is just as great, just as precious, just as needful as the other two Persons of the Trinity. But still you have not answered my question, what is He to you?” I now saw the point Mr. Levermore was trying to make with me, and answered truthfully, “He is nothing to me. I have no contact with Him, no personal relationship,



“Are you girls bad enough to be lost?” I said. The older one answered immediately that she was, and had been sitting up the previous night until two in the morning, reading her Bible and seeking the Lord. It was only a short way to Calvary for this girl. She soon met the Saviour and found peace in her soul. The younger sister was not so easily led. She said, “You must think I am a very bad girl,” upon which I handed her my Bible, open at Romans three, and requested her to read the chap­ ter, verses nine to nineteen, and see what God said about her. She denied that this passage referred to her at all, and would not accept it. I handed her my scissors, and requested that she cut it out of the Book in order that I might not have an untrue state­ ment in my Bible. This she refused to do, saying that her mother had taught her that all the Bible was true. We turned to Matthew thirteen, and read the story of the wheat and the tares. As we read the explana­ tion, verses thirty-seven to forty-three, the tears fell from her eyes as she acknowledged that she was like tares. She was quite like a Christian, but knew in her heart that she did not have the life of Christ. Having thus admitted that she was a hypocrite, and lost, she too, like her sister, trusted in Christ Jesus. The gracious Spirit of God, having obtained the mastery and control of these lips, and eyes and brain, began at once to use them. These two prec­ ious souls were the first-fruits of this “life more abundant.” After the two sisters had gone I called my com­ panion on the telephone to tell her of the great honor given me, and the blessed assurance granted that the Holy Spirit had accepted my body for His own purposes. Since that eventful time He has proved in a multitude of way His authority, and His power, His wis­ dom and His knowledge in bringing about many such miracles showing Himself to be indeed the leader of the life, the Lord of the harvest. I entreat each of you to go direct­ ly to the Holy Spirit Himself, give Him your body, and then look to Him constantly to do what He wants with that body for the glory and the honor of our Lord Jesus Christ. Both Dr. Wilson and Dr. Ayer will be special speakers for Biola's annual Family Bible Conference at Mount Hermon, Calif.



by Dr. William Ward Ayer

I n ten se passion and concentration to a task is the power that creates greatness. Paul almost single-handed evan­ gelized Europe and Asia Minor! Paul was a chosen vessel (Acts 9:15). He was God-pos­ sessed. Hear him in Romans 9:1-3, “I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost, that I have great heaviness and continual sorrow in my heart. For I could wish that myself were accursed from Christ for my brethren, my kinsmen according to the flesh.” What holy passion! What compassion! What zeal! What would happen in America if we had a dozen men so God- possessed? God forgive us for our cold churches, our “hollow” men who stand in pulpits, echoing emptily the latest philo­ sophical fashions—while hungry multitudes perish for the Bread that cometh down from above! 0 for zealous prophets in the pulpits, not mere wranglers and disputers about the follies of the hour but strong men of high stature who will preach the glorious gospel with no uncertain sound! Prophets, I say, not ecclesiastical errand boys! Prophets, not timeservers! Prophets, not powerless pur­ veyors of soft things in this hard and materialistic age. A sad condition in our Protestant religious life is mani­ fested by the hectic religious programs, jazzy meetings with hopped-up choruses and frothy gospel messages that shout out the supposed joys of Christianity without reference to its responsibilities. They are creating the cheapest variety of sup­ posedly Orthodox religion the world has ever witnessed. There is a false zeal as well as a true one. In this hectic day we see churches all aflutter with the desire to do some­ thing. We have an ecclesiastical treadmill, upon which all are urged to tramp to make the wheels of the church machine grind and whirl and whirr with gratifying activity. The weakness of modem Christianity is its lack of high and challenging objective. One group of Christians perform the good works for personal merit. Others for denominational gain—but Paul performed all his ardent labors for Christ.



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