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August/September 2019


Most of us probably know at least one person who has met a celebrity in their lives. If you’re like me, the first question you ask your star-crossed friend is “What are they like in real life?” This is especially true of Hollywood actors, I think. We want to know if they really are as kind/goofy/sinister/unflappable as the characters they play on the big screen. One movie star in particular has become legendary for living up to his movie personas: Bill Murray. The master of deadpan humor and spontaneity has built up quite a reputation for being just as serene in his private life as he is in “Ghostbusters” and “The Life Aquatic.” Many stories have surfaced about Murray drifting into wedding parties, joining impromptu piano performances, and “photobombing” tourists. Several years ago, Rolling Stone contributing editor Gavin Edwards began collecting these tales, piecing them together to build a picture of the enigmatic star’s philosophy. The result is “The Tao of Bill Murray.”

With the subtitle “Real- Life Stories of Joy, Enlightenment, and Party Crashing,” this book is part amusing anthology and part lifestyle guide. This makes “Tao” what may be the strangest, most fun personal development book ever written. The author even breaks Murray’s way of life into 10 “Principles of Bill,” using stories of Murray’s surreal encounters to illustrate each.

college kids, he instead went to the kitchen and did the dishes. Whether he’s giving relationship advice or just pitching in with household chores, the man always seems to be on the lookout for small ways he can brighten people’s day. Taken together, these “Principles of Bill” boil down to finding and sharing

For example, principle six, “Drop a Coin on the World,” is all about regifting your good fortune to others, often to total strangers. In this chapter, we hear from a bank teller working the drive-thru window on a cold January day. Sure enough, Murray drives up and places two bottles of luxury champagne in the snowbank just outside the window. The SNL star wishes the teller a happy new year, and drives away. That goes a step beyond “paying it forward.” The final principle, “When the Earth Spins, Make Yourself Useful,” tells the story of Murray joining a group of foreign-exchange students at a house party. But, rather than going round for round drinking with these

joy. Sure, not all of us can get away with commandeering a streetcleaner in the middle of a pub crawl, but we can all bring a little more fun into our day-to-day lives. Walking the path of Bill Murray means learning to not take the world too seriously. Whether you’re a Bill Murray fan or simply interested in exploring a new outlook on life, this book is for you. Much like the man it chronicles, “Tao” manages to be deeply funny and incredibly thought provoking. This is the “feel good” read of the summer.


-Elliott Kanter


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