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MARCH 2018


ALTERNATIVES TO RUNNING Keep Yourself Active Without the Inflammation

Kathryn Cieniewicz

REMEMBERING RESOLUTIONS I have heard it said that by March, most of the resolutions we created in January have fallen by the wayside. But why is that? I guess we can all say that we get busy with life, and the once-inspiring blank canvas of a new year quickly diminishes ... along with our goals. What if we could make some changes that would help us to stay on track with these important goals we have set for ourselves? As a Physical Therapist, my team and I are constantly setting and assessing the goals of our patients- so here are a few tips! First, make sure they are YOUR goals and not someone else’s goals for you- you will only be invested in changing if it’s important to you. Second, make sure it is realistic. Third, be specific about what you want to achieve and most importantly, the fourth- set a timeline of when each goal should be accomplished. Of course, sharing your resolutions with those you trust to help and support you is always a great idea as well.

Running is a great way to stay in shape and reap the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, but unfortunately, it’s not for everyone. If you’re recovering from an injury or experiencing chronic pain from inflammation, running might be too intense of an exercise for you. These limitations affect more than just physical fitness — they limit your overall quality of life. Running is a high-impact workout that takes a severe toll on muscles and joints. In many cases, the inflammation caused by the impact of running can be so severe that simple tasks like walking or getting out of bed become major challenges. Even if running is possible, it might not be the best workout strategy for you. Here are four low-impact exercises that will keep you fit and help you achieve your training goals. Elliptical An elliptical machine gives you all the benefits of running without the impact. It gives you the ability to push your cardio barriers while working similar muscle groups. Many adults with joint pain thrive on the elliptical because of how easy it is to use. It’s a running machine that keeps your feet from ever hitting the ground. The lack of impact translates to much less stress on your joints and bones, and less pain overall. ALTERNATIVES TO RUNNING

What resolution will you revive today?


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