SNC acquires «red pine» cathedral


Woods to the SNC as part of its ownmanaged forests program. «This is very generous,» stated St. Amour. «Land donations such as this help our envi- ronment. The benefits of this donation will live for generations.» The wooded area, located on Lacroix Road in The Nation, is what remains of Chabot’s own forest holdings. Forty years ago, when he bought the land, he began his own reforestation work, planting red pine and white spruce seedlings and nurturing them over the decades. The fully-grown trees will now become part of the SNC’s managed forest lands, helping the regional conservation agency with its goal to achieve a sustainable level of permanent forest cover for the watershed region. «This is an incredible story,» said SNC Chairman Thompson. «One person took it upon himself to do all this work and then donated it.»

Outside of the Chabot woodlot, a stiff, cold wind blew. Within the forest, along a cathe- dral grove path bordered by towering red pines, there is silence. Maurice Chabot had been wondering what he was going to do with the few acres of red pine and white spruce that he had planted several decades ago, with the help of family and friends, and then nurtured through the years until the trees soared high in the sky. He found an answer in the South Nation Conservation Authority’s (SNC).Land Donation Program On a blustery grey Fridaymorning, Cha- bot met with SNC Chairman DougThomp- son and vice-chairman François St. Amour, also the mayor of The Nation municipality, within a small clearing on the front edge of his three-and-a-half acres of cultivated forest, for the official handover of the Chabot

Transit contract up for review Russell Township council wants administration to see if a better deal is possible before agreeing to extend the existing transit service contract with 417 Bus Lines. The company has proposed a two-year extension of its existing contract with the municipality, which includes a 2% increase each year in the contract cost, along with expense adjustments for gasoline used. An administration report noted some future routing changes possible due to OCTranspo’s route-planning process for Ottawa’s public transit lines. Council voted during its April 20 session to set the 417 Bus Lines proposal aside and have administration see what results through negotiation. – Gregg Chamberlain

Towering red pines forma natural cathedral grove pathway into the Chabot forest that is now part of the SouthNation Conservation Authority’smanaged woodland holdings.

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