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Perhaps one of the most famous works of art depicting the beautiful game, is The Football Match by L.S. Lowry, painted in 1949 the piece is often described as a modern day masterpiece and certainly captures the spirit of football fans gripped by the excitement of match day. Like Lowry, Bob Barker is a northern lad born and bred. Over the years Barker’s depictions of northern life and scenes have evolved and developed from his well loved portrayals of young lovers taking a stroll in the early evening mist through to the grisaille street scenes of today and everything in between. Barker’s art resonates with a great many of us, as he adeptly manages to convey the innocence of childhood through to the joie de vivre of adulthood.This col- lection is no exception, themed of course around Britain’s most popular sport, Barker takes us on a journey from the cobbled streets where children stage their very own Cup Finals each night after school (‘Jumpers for Goalposts’), to a father and son celebrating their team’s victory in ‘Result’ and ‘Rhythm & Booze’ proving you’re never too old for a kick-about. There is no doubt with this collection of original artwork that Barker presents here will inspire and excite all those who are passionate connoisseurs of his art and of football.

THE KEEPER Original Oil 30” x 30”

LEFT BACK Original Oil 36” x 28”

THE GENERATION GAP Original Oil 36” x 28”

THE OFFSIDE RULE Original Oil 36” x 28”

THE PASSION Original Oil 24” x 72”

RHYTHM & BOOZE Original Oil 30” x 30”

ALEHOUSE ROCK Original Oil 30” x 30”

HAPPY TOGETHER Original Oil 30” x 30”

HOME GAME Original Oil 30” x 30”

LOST Original Oil 36” x 28”

RESULT Original Oil 36” x 28”

NOBODY PLAYING Original Oil 12” x 12”

IT'S JUST NOT CRICKET Original Oil 12” x 12”

WHEN I WAS A LAD Original Oil 24” x 72”

JUMPERS FOR GOALPOSTS Original Oil 28” x 36”

HEAR THE ROAR Original Oil 28” x 36”

Also available as a commemorative limited edition of 150, celebrating 150 years of Bramall Lane.

THAT'S MY GOAL Original Oil 47½” x 60”

IF A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS By John Garrett, Sheffield United Football Club Historian

I used to love drawing and painting. I would sit and spend hours doodling away and colouring things in – mainly football players and mostly in red and white stripes. Football tends to attract its fair share of artists, some good and some decidedly average. Sheffield United Football Club Chairman David Green is very much an appreciator of a good painting.Through collecting pictures, he became an avid fan of the work of a Yorkshire artist Bob Barker. Now the thing with Bob, aside of masses of talent, is that he is what it says on the tin – a working class Yorkshire lad who found he could do a bit with a brush and paint. Bob certainly has a totally individual and thought-provoking style.Though born in Leeds, he has been in Bradford for many years, and that is where his studio is based. His pictures, to me anyway, evoke feelings of being northern – never a bad thing in my book – and he highlights the joy of situations and life with a hint of stark colour against an intentionally bleak canvas.The results are both beautiful and striking.

As a result Bob has become a very-sought after talent, indeed. His prints exchange hands for vast amounts, as do the sets and themes he produces – the original far, far more. Now, David got talking to Bob at the right time for both parties. The Football Club chairman wanted an image to illustrate Sheffield United and Bob wanted to look for a different angle – perfect! Bob’s eye for turning the different and decidedly unexpected into something both thought-provoking and special has really come to the fore here.“That’s My Goal” brings to life a view that many will have seen time and time again, yet it epitomises both Bramall Lane and the city, which it has served for so long. Portraying all of the things that make us so special that we seldom shout from the rooftops – the heritage and history of the contribution we have brought to the beautiful game.


The images contained within this literature are an artistic representation of the collection. To best experience our art, we recommend you contact your local gallery to arrange a viewing. © Washington Green 2013. The content of this brochure is subject to copyright and no part can be reproduced without prior permission.

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