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OCT 2018


Bridging the Gap in Home Health Care


W hen you work in the health care field, you come across a lot of people who have the heart to help others, but one of the significant challenges we encounter is that there is often no avenue to act on this desire to serve. Perhaps it’s a patient who doesn't have insurance or a diagnosis that hinders the ability to treat the patient immediately —both instances are frequent occurrences. But the cause doesn’t always have to be substantial to invoke limitations. Many times, it’s just a lack of information that inhibits proper service. At BrightStar, this common problemhinders us from accurately helping people with their issues. We field a lot of questions from individuals in need, but they often have a misunderstanding of the services we provide. That’s why we want to take a moment to highlight the options available to those in need of in-home assistance and bring to light howwe can help people live their best lives. Home Health andMedicare Medicare plays a considerable role in our industry and in the services that most patients receive. Home Health is generally characterized as short-term in-home assistance fromnurse networks (approved by Medicare insurance) toward continued patient health goals. This includes post-operative care, administration of medication and treatments, wound care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, some infusions, and self-care health education. Medicare covers a portion of treatments and works with in-network therapists, nurses, and aides to provide

care. However, their reach and types of care coverage are limited, and that leaves the needs of many patients unmet.

Private Duty Home Care When a patient needs a supplement to Medicare or prefers to privately pay for their services, that’s where we enter the equation. We provide certified caregivers, Certified Nursing Assistants, and Nurses (LPN, RN) who are licensed through both the IDPH and the State of Illinois. These wonderful people go through background checks, fingerprinting, and continuing education so they can effectively assist with the client needs in the home. While the services are paid out of pocket up front, we work with long-term care insurance providers tomake sure that the help we provide isn’t a financial burden on the people we care for. We also develop plans with the client family and friends to create a support network centered around their available skill sets, schedule, and resources. I used to work as a Medicare director, and what brought me to BrightStar was seeing the abundant need for assistance beyond what Medicare provides. It’s easy for loved ones to believe that Medicare covers enough services for their mom, dad, sibling, or grandparent to live a happy and fulfilled life. But it doesn’t. Sometimes Medicare only pays for helping the patient shower and getting dressed a couple of times a week so personal care options are limited the other five days of the week. There’s no bed changing, meal preparation, laundry, nursing assistance, or care during off days. There are a lot of benefits to using private pay services like the ones we provide, but the biggest by far is helping patients develop peace of mind with a companion who cares about them and understands the health conditions which inhibit their lifestyle. Our nurses and caregivers are truly the best around, and we aim to help them stay that way. We provide support to all our nurses and constantly invest in their abilities to ensure our level of service is unmatched. BrightStar ensures our team is more than just qualified by the state's requirements; we continuously pursue avenues that help us serve a segment of the population that is often forgotten. It’s why I love what I do, and why I look forward to work every morning. I make a difference in the lives of those who have made a difference for so many others. Because I manage our staff with training and recertification, I can tell you that every person who puts on a pair of BrightStar scrubs shares the same sentiment. —Diane Thorson

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