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IzLegal Illustrated CHECKING UP ON NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS Finally Achieving One of My Golf Goals!

While I was getting better in my game, I reached certain points where I realized I was about to shoot the best score I’d ever had, and it got uncomfortable really quick. However, even though these types of situations aren’t always enjoyable, it’s less about the comfort and more about how you grow as a person and in life. This lesson applies to almost every aspect of life, whether starting and running a successful business, buying a house for the first time, or even getting married. These are all situations you can’t truly prepare for until you actually experience them. Often, people avoid these scenarios because they aren’t okay with being uncomfortable, they doubt themselves, or they believe they’re just not ready. This hesitation gets in the way of so many things in life. By entering the qualifier for this golf tournament, I put myself in an uncomfortable situation, but I am very happy I took that step. I am now officially hooked; the adrenaline rush I felt while out on the course was addicting, and nothing can replicate it. I now know that when the next one comes up, I’ll be participating. This will improve my game by giving me the motivation to do better and get into a tournament. Once I do, that’ll be another uncomfortable scenario, but I’ll worry about that when I get there. Ultimately, I want to encourage all my readers to rekindle or start on a goal you might have had for a while. It’s okay if you’re feeling unprepared because you’re never really ready for anything, no matter

How are you coming along with your New Year’s resolutions? It’s the beginning of this year’s third quarter, and many of the goals people set at the beginning of the year seem too long ago to remember. But I think it’s important to look at those goals and dive headlong into them. Back in May, I took a big step and accomplished one of my own personal goals I’ve had for a few years. Whenever my golf game was exceptionally good or when making resolutions, I told myself I would try to qualify for a golf tournament. And every year, without fail, I’ve had an excuse for not entering. Sometimes they’re justified, like having a trial set on the same day as the qualifier. Other times, they are less justified, such as feeling like my golf game isn’t where I want it to be. This year, however, my usually busy schedule opened up, and I decided to finally try to qualify for the Florida State Amateur Golf Tournament. I didn’t qualify. In fact, I played pretty lousily, but it was an experience I’ll never forget. Pursuing your goals comes down to being comfortable with the uncomfortable. As odd as it might seem, I first learned this concept through golf.

how much you think you are. The sooner you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable, the better off you’ll be in experiencing something remarkable.

“Pursuing your goals comes down to being comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

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