8. Overview


Higher Revenue and Increased Customer Satisfaction

PRACTICAL • Elegant & Durable – toughened safety glass or high impact plastic covers with heavy duty aluminium or steel construction • Universal – models of various screen manufacturers can be supported • Customizable – individual colours, combinations with brochure holders and other POS products possible EXTENSIBILITY Products are ready for future enhancement: • Centralised content management • Touch Screen functionality • PCs, Players, LTE modems and other accessories can be securely and easily placed inside WHERE TO FIND OUT MORE Visit www.jansen-digital.com for comprehensive and up to date information about our digital signage solutions – such as the Screen Compatibility List, Touch Solutions, Content Management Solutions and Product Details.

WHY DIGITAL? Screens placed in your locations will bring you:

• The power of “Moving Images” – Videos attract attention and tell a story, imparting emotion and explaining the detail • Show more info & Display at the right time – Single screens can display various messages and rotate them during the day – in the morning, at the weekend, when it’s sunny, when it’s raining or at other common situations • Speed – From initial idea to having the content displayed everywhere takes minutes, not weeks • Interactivity – You can provide customers with much broader content, for example access to your entire web store or content to gather instant feedback… whenever you desire it. SIMPLE Ready to use solutions with professional screens for 24/7/365 operation, playing your images and videos easily from a USB drive following a simple “Step by Step” instruction manual, with default Wi-Fi connectivity Screen covers are designed to suit various makes and models of screen only


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