at our direction the entireproceeds of any sale or insurance proceeds receivedin respect of the Goods are held in trust for us and notmixed with any other monies or paid into an overdrawnbank account and shall at all times be identifiable asour money. We shall be entitled to recover the price ofany Goods including VAT even though the property inany of the Goods remains with us.We shall be entitled at any time to recover any or allof the Goods in your possession to which we havetitle and for that purpose we our servants or agentsmay with such transport as is necessary enter uponany premises occupied by you or to which you haveaccess and where the Goods may be or are believedto be situated. 12. General This contract shall be governed and interpretedexclusively accordingly to the Law of England. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE OF THEWEBSITE User Agreement and Terms of Use:- Use of the jansen-display.co.uk (“we”, “us”, “jansendisplay.co.uk”, “Jansen Display”, “Jansen Display Ltd”)website (“the site”) constitutes acceptance of theJansen Display User Agreement (“the agreement”)and the Terms of Use (“terms”). The user of the site(“you”) represent that you have read and understoodthese terms and agreed to be bound by them. If you donot agree to all the terms and conditions on this page,please do not use this web site. Use of any internalor external links on jansen-display.co.uk constitutesacceptance of the terms on this page. If you do notagree with these terms, please exit this site by closingthe browser window. In order to use this site you must agree to be legallybound and to abide by the terms and to indemnifyand hold jansen-display.co.uk and Jansen Display Ltdharmless from all alleged or actual damages, claimsand expenses relating to any warrant, guaranteeor representations made on the website or linked sites.This also includes, without limitation, attorney’s fees.The use of this site for any reason is deemed to be anagreement of this condition. Disclaimers Bearing in mind that this is a free “public access” site,it is a condition of use of the site and the materialsin it that use is at the user’s own risk. We give norepresentation or warranty as to the accuracy of thecontent of the site and assume no responsibility forerrors or omissions in it or the effect it has upon yourcomputer. We disclaim all liability in respect of suchinformation and its provision. Neither Jansen Displaynor any of the site’s editors or contributors shall beliable for any loss or damages suffered as a result ofany use of the site, including but not limited to directloss, consequential loss and loss of profits. We do notassume and therefore disclaim, any liability for any lossor damage caused by errors or omissions, jansendisplay.co.uk is provided on an “as is” and “as available”basis. We shall not be liable for any direct, indirect,incidental, special or consequential damages. Thisincludes without limitation and even if we are advisedof the possibility thereof, any damages for lossof goodwill or any and all other commercial damagesor losses including loss of profit, that result from theuse of, or inability to use Jansen Display. In no eventwill Jansen Display be liable for indirect injury.

If you wish to order from outside of the UK pleaserefer to our Country specific and Export termsof trade which are available by request. 1. Interpretation in these Conditions: ‘BUYER’ or ‘YOU’ means the person who acceptsa quotation of the Seller for the sale of the ‘Goods’ andwhose acceptance is then confirmed by the Seller inaccordance with these conditions or whose order forthe ‘Goods’ is accepted by the seller. ‘GOODS’ means the goods (including any instalmentof the goods or any parts for them) which the selleris to supply in accordance with these conditions. ‘SELLER’ or ‘WE’ or ‘US’ or ‘OUR’ means JansenDisplay Ltd (Company Registration No. 6458734)of The Knowledge Centre, Wyboston Lakes, GreatNorth Road, Wyboston, Bedfordshire, MK44 3BY, UK. ‘CONDITIIONS’ means the standard terms andconditions of sale set out in this document and (unlessthe context otherwise requires) includes any specialterms and conditions agreed in writing between thebuyer and the Seller or set out in the Quotation Orderor Acceptance Forms issued by the Seller. ‘CONTRACT’ means the contract for the purchaseand sale of the Goods ‘WRITING’ includes telex, cable, e-mail, facsimiletransmission and comparable means of communication.Any reference in these Conditions to any provisionof a Statute shall be construed as a reference to thatprovision as amended, re-enacted or extended at thatrelevant time.The headings in these Conditions are for convenienceonly and shall not affect their interpretation. 2. Updating Range Our range of products is continually being revised andupdated. We reserve the right to change specificationswithout prior notice. 3. Specifications All descriptions, illustrations and sizes given in thiswebsite or catalogue are for guidance only and noparticulars therein shall be binding on the company.Before purchasing any product in our brochure /pricelist, the customer shall determine the suitabilityof the product for its intended use, and the customerassumes all risks and liability whatsoever in connectiontherewith. Jansen Display shall not be liable for anyloss or damage – direct, incidental or consequential,arising out of the use of, or the inability to use, any ofthe products listed. 4. Samples Prior to a bulk order, we are able to supply sampleson selected items. Please call for details 01480 479231. 5. Price / Discounts All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT. Please referto ordering information for details. Jansen Display Ltdreserves the right to alter any prices / discounts at anytime without prior notice. 6. Minimum Order There is a minimum order of £25.00 + VAT. Any ordersreceived below this value will be subject to a smallorder charge of £7.00 + VAT. 7. Delivery & Risk Delivery lead-times are given in good faith and JansenDisplay Ltd will not be responsible for

any kind ofdelay in transit. We accept no liability and the buyerhas no right to cancel the order if delivery is delayedbeyond the estimated time unless we have specificallyagreed in writing to deliver on a particular date.Prior to dispatch great care is taken to inspect andpackage all goods. Upon signed receipt of a delivery,all goods must be examined as immediately aspossible for damage or any items missing. Damageor shortages must be reported to us within 3 workingdays upon receipt of delivery. Failure to comply withany of the above will be deemed that the goods areacceptable and the buyer unconditionally waives anyright to reject the aforementioned goods. Our liability in respect of loss or damage to goods shallnot exceed the invoice value of the goods (excludingVAT) and our liability shall in no event extend toconsequential or indirect loss or damage, loss to thirdparties or loss of business. The goods must be delivered to the deliveryaddress agreed with Jansen Display Ltd. Under nocircumstances should the carrier be instructed bythe buyer to delivery to another address or to leavethe goods elsewhere. If the buyer or a representative of the buyer is notavailable to check and take delivery of the goods at thedelivery address, this may result in the carrier needingto return on another date and a delivery surchargeto the buyer may apply. 8. Payment Non-account buyers must submit payment with theirorder. When paying by cheque, please allow 5 workingdays for funds to clear before goods can be released.Credit accounts may be applied for following a minimumof 3 months regular trading with Jansen Display Ltdon payment with order basis. Terms of trade are 30days nett and any account outstanding for more than30 days may be charged interest at 4% above BarclaysBank PLC lending rate. We reserve the right to refuseor withdraw credit accounts at any time. 9. Returns No goods may be returned to Jansen Display Ltdwithout prior consent. Goods are returned at the buyer’scost and risk. Goods must be returned within the 14 daymoney back guarantee period, from time of deliveryin order for the return to be valid. Refunds will be madeon the cost of the goods plus VAT only. Custom madegoods are not returnable. 10. Copyright Copyright of any product manufactured by us or anydesign, illustration or drawing produced by us remainsthe sole property of Jansen Display unless expresslyagreed in writing by Jansen Display Ltd. 11. Reservation of Title Risk in the Goods shall pass to you when the Goodsare delivered. The property of the Goods shall remain with usuntil you pay all sums due whether in respect of thiscontract or otherwise. You shall hold the Goods as our fiduciary agent andbailee until title passes. Until title passes the Goods shall be stored separatelyfrom any other Goods and you shall not interfere withany identification mark, labels batch numbers or serialnumbers on the Goods. Until title passes we agree that you may use or agreeto sell the goods as principle and not as our agentsin the ordinary course of your business subject tothe express condition that


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