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Detroit Compressor Is Up and Running

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Expense Reporting Made Easy


Luckily, there’s a great app to make the whole process easier so you can focus on what you really love about running your business. Expensify is a business tool for both in-house reporting and employees on the go. It has a user-friendly interface that allows businesses to maintain summaries of their accounts, track debt and income ratios, and report expenses of all kinds. The app is perfect for easily importing business purchase receipts and can even keep track of employee travel expenses, including tracking reimbursable miles via an app-specific GPS. Everything is recorded and calculated in real time, so there’s never any question about where your expenses stand. The app automates

the entire expense reporting process by tracking every expenditure from start to finish. It also automatically integrates with your financial institutions, credit cards, and other methods of payment so that you never have to manually input anything. If you make numerous purchases for your business or have employees who travel on the dime of your company, Expensify is something you shouldn’t be without. It’s the easiest way to track all the moving parts of your business, and, with different tiers of membership plans based on your type of company and number of employees, its low cost is an expense that’s easy to track too.

No business exists without expenses. No matter how big, small, old, or new your business might be, you have costs associated with running it that need to be accurately tracked, managed, and reported in order to keep things afloat. But, if you’re anything like us, we’re guessing you didn’t start a business just to manage its expenses.

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