Let us introduce you to the PERFECT TEAM.

At Western Growers H-2A Services, we understand the power of teamwork. For over a decade we have remained committed to helping members acquire the H-2A workers they need to maintain excellence in the agricultural industry. Western Growers H-2A Services provides comprehensive solutions to foreign labor acquisition for your agricultural operation. From paperwork to placement, we handle the logistics and the details of securing a legal, dependable and efficient labor force, allowing you the peace of mind to focus on your operation. Powered by the experience, expertise and commitment of Western Growers, we are the H-2A agent Western Growers members turn to when they need a turnkey H-2A solution without breaking the bank. Let Western Growers H-2A Services be part of your power team.

Contact Jason Resnick at least 90 days prior to date workers are needed at 949.885.2253 or jresnick@wga.com

H-2A Services

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