BGB: Wind Brochure


Electrostatic Charge Dissipation System One of the main problems OEM’s experience on a wind turbine is the gradual build up of electrostatic charge, if this issue is not

addressed with a professional solution the electrostatic energy can cause detrimental damage to key nacelle components. It is not uncommon for energy to be discharged through the main shaft bearings. Over time this creates defects in the main bearing races leading to a turbine failure and in offshore environments, changing main shaft bearings can be a very costly exercise.

BGB have many years of assisting major OEM’s eliminate any electrostatic generation, and in turn, protecting the key components ensuring the turbine stays in operation. BGB have been able to do this by developing a specific brush composition that discharges any electrostatic energy down to earth operating on the main shaft and providing a reliable solution. The Ground Contact design is retro- fittable to the main shaft of a turbine. Partner this product with BGBs dedicated lightning brush holders to help protect sensitive components within the nacelle.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:


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