BGB: Wind Brochure


Optilinc The Optilinc range of FORJs and accompanying electronic devices are adaptable for the most demanding of applications. Made to withstand the harsh environments of offshore wind farms, Optilinc has exceptional durability, protecting the unit from dust and water ingress to IP67. The Optilinc FORJ has been fully tried and tested in leading wind turbine manufacturers development suits.

As well as stand alone media converters and WDMs, BGB can build all Optilinc products into bespoke slip ring solutions incorporating connections to suit each individual requirement. Slip ring assemblies with Optilinc for data would not be susceptible through data loss due to low resistance contact on an infrequently used low power data ring. The official Optilinc E-brochure is available to download through the BGB website. Power Slip Ring Assemblies Incorporating FORJ’s

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website:


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