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If you’ve read past issues of this newsletter, you know that Zach is the performer. He always has been. So, when you get him into costume, he can’t resist “playing the part.” He informed us that The Flash does everything fast, then proceeded to sprint from house to house. We were all struggling to keep up. Nathan didn’t want to be left out, so he determined that The Windinator could both run very quickly and spin like a tornado. So he tried spinning from house to house. As you can imagine, that only lasted until he couldn’t balance anymore. Mike and I jogged after them, laughing the whole way. That’s one of many great memories we have of Halloween. It was fun just talking about it as we got ready to write this article. It’s funny how much we love the holiday because it isn’t exactly the healthiest, and we operate a clinic designed to get people healthy. To mitigate the damage in our family, we have a tradition we call the Switch Witch. If you aren’t familiar, the Switch Witch is like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but for Halloween. She comes to the door on Halloween night when you’re asleep, and if there’s candy on your doorstep, she switches it out for a toy. After trick-or-treating, we have the boys pick out a few favorites, then they leave the rest in a basket on the doorstep. The next morning, after they wake up, they run to the front door to see what the Switch Witch left them. They always ran into our room to show us the presents they got — Legos, Pokemon cards, etc. Nothing crazy, but better than wasted candy. The Switch Witch then donates the candy to our troops. As they get older, Zach and Nathan will want to do other things. That’s just the nature of watching them grow. I’m excited for the scary movie parties or Halloween dances they’ll soon be attending. But I’ll always remember those wonderful days when we followed them down the block, watching them sprint and spin.

Our oldest, Zach, turned 12 this year.

He’s at that age when most kids stop trick-or- treating, but he might just hit the streets one last time — after all, there’s candy at stake. Nathan, his younger brother, prefers to hand it out. He’s very generous that way.

The boys probably don’t want this in print, but they are so darn cute together. They’re legitimately best friends. Halloween was especially fun when they were kids because it meant we could coordinate costumes. One year, for instance, they were Buzz Lightyear and Woody from “Toy Story.” To this day, the picture we took of them in those costumes is one of my favorite pictures. My favorite memory of their costuming took place about five years ago when Nathan was barely 4 years old. Both boys decided they wanted to be superheroes. Zach quickly chose The Flash (his favorite), but Nathan had a harder time deciding. In the end, he thought, why limit yourself to existing heroes? So, being a creative preschooler, he created a new hero from scratch: The Windinator. The Windinator’s powers were simple. He could blow on things with the power of a tornado. Nathan described this superhero to me, and, being the Pinterest Mom that I am, I set out to make a proper costume. I found a Green Lantern costume online, removed the symbol, then conjured up a tornado logo. I sewed it on the front of the costume and onto a makeshift cape. Nathan loved the result. I was pleased with it too. Then the time came for trick-or-treating.

Happy Halloween!

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