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MY JOURNEY AS A PATIENT HOW I’VE BENEFITED FROM OUR SERVICES While I'm the founder of Impact Physical Medicine and Aquatic Center, I'm no specialist; I'm a patient just like our clients. It's our team that makes the clinic such a staple in our community. Our cast of talent includes Mark Agre, MD (our medical director); Mara Brandsoy, OTR (manager of our occupational therapists); and Christie Amundson, DPT (manager of our physical and massage therapists), just to name a few. The only thing I can take credit for is hiring this fantastic team! When I think about what our team accomplishes with our patients, I'm reminded of how I've benefited personally from their work. As stated earlier, I'm a patient, first and foremost, at the clinic. I was born with a congenital disability in my left arm, "YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE THE LOOK ON PEOPLE'S FACES WHEN I TOLD THEM I SKIED WITH SUCH A SEVERELY INJURED KNEE!”

so I always needed therapy from time to time to help strengthen the left side of my body and to improve/assist my balance. I even used an artificial arm for a time. I also loved skiing, especially racing down the hills, but it came with a cost. I've suffered a few injuries skiing: a very sore knee and a sprained shoulder, but nothing compared to when I really injured my knee and tore my ACL. If I hadn't continued skiing, I could have avoided surgery altogether, but I loved skiing. Thanks to what I learned at the clinic, I knew I could hold off surgery for a while. So, I worked hard at strengthening the rest of my body to better support my injured knee. With the help of our amazing staff, I learned what areas of the body to work on to decrease the strain of the injury. I focused on my core, but I was really strengthening most of my body, and I held off knee and ligament surgery for five years! You wouldn't believe the look on people's faces when I told them I skied with such a severely injured knee! While I've benefited from the many services at the clinic, patients are treated here for a variety of pains and dysfunctions. We have a women's

–Stan Babel, Clinic Manager & CEO These are just some of the services we offer at our physical health clinic. So, if you're ever in need of one of our services or want to learn about what we provide, call us anytime at 651-646-7246 or visit our website at health specialist that deals with multiple conditions including, but not limited to, pre and post pregnancies, hysterectomies, pelvic pain, and urinary or bowel dysfunction. Very few clinics offer a comprehensive service like this. Our lead therapist for these services is Jennifer Armitage, PT. She has over 20 years of experience dealing successfully with these often complex medical issues. Another service we offer is a therapist who specializes in hand and upper extremity treatments. A person could need hand therapy for dislocations, fractures, sports injuries like tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and arthritis, to name a few.

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