Visiting Angels - May 2020

May 2020

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Give Them Flowers Honoring Our Veterans Every Day

M emorial Day is coming up, so I wanted to take this time to remember our service members who have died fighting for the United States. I’ve never lost anyone close to me to war, but I remember when I first learned about the price of war. When I was young, one of my neighbors lost their older brother in the Vietnam War. I was 11, and it was shocking to realize that someone’s brother could go to war and never come back. He’s someone I want to remember this Memorial Day. In addition to honoring the fallen, I also believe Memorial Day should be a time when we reach out to veterans who are still with us today. Veterans Day isn’t until November, but why wait? As the saying goes, “Give them flowers while they’re here.” At funerals and memorial services, there are so many lovely speeches about how much the departed meant to us. I can’t help but wonder if these people know how much they were loved and admired by their friends and family. Why do we wait until we’re in tears to finally say how much someone meant to us? Why don’t we tell them while they’re here? Our veterans have sacrificed so much for our country. Even those who get to come home have lost something to war, be it a friend or a piece of themselves. It’s important that we tell our veterans how much we appreciate them while they are still around to hear it. This is something we try to do at Visiting Angels. A few Christmases ago, Visiting Angels made care boxes for all our seniors who are veterans. The boxes were filled with things like nice soaps, sweet candies, and even homemade scarves that were knitted by the daughter of a Visiting

Angels employee. We wanted to do something special for the people who served for us. When we were delivering the care boxes, one man said to me, “I wasn’t even honored like this when I was in the service.”

Visiting Angels is built on the spirit of helping seniors, especially our seniors who are veterans. Jeanette Pagliaro, the owner of our branch of Visiting Angels, is a member of the Santa Cruz Rotary Club. Last year, the Rotary Club began renovating the courtyard of the Santa Cruz County Veterans Memorial Building. Part of the project includes laying commemorative bricks that honor veterans of Santa Cruz. A number of the veterans honored on these bricks also happen to be Visiting Angels seniors. It’s a really neat project, and I look forward to seeing the beautiful new courtyard when it’s completed. Memorial Day is a time to remember great sacrifice and loss. Let’s remember those who sacrificed their lives, those who lost loved ones to war, and those who fought for our country. Veterans Day is for honoring our living servicemen and women, but why shouldn’t we honor our vets twice a year? Or better yet, every day of the year! Let’s not wait until we can only lay flowers on their graves. Give our veterans flowers while they’re here.


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