Biola Broadcaster - 1967-04

A S WE CONSIDER the literal fulfill­ ment of prophecy concerning the return of the Jews to their national homeland, it will be extremely help­ ful to study such passages as Jere­ miah 23:1-8. A careful reading read­ ily shows us what God had in mind by way of restoration of His people Israel. Because of limitation of space, I would urge you to look this up and read it for yourself. As you study this radio lesson, have your Bible opened to this section. We can­ not but note the remarkable insight God gave Jeremiah. Although for c e n tu r ie s these prophecies have pointed to the Lord’s deliverance from the land of Egypt, there is something even more wonderful which will take place. Preaching before Frederick the Great of Europe was a most capable chaplain. The monarch was so moved he asked the sincere scholar, “If your religion is the true and trustworthy one, you ought to have some suc­ cinct and pointed proof of it. Can you verify its authenticity in but one word?” The faithful minister was undaunted, and without hesitation rightly answered, “Israel.” What an apt description! Wherever we see the people of this nation or the in­ dividual Jew, it is a further vindi­ cation of the reliability and trust­ worthiness of God’s Word. If the Jew

is in the land, we see the truthful­ ness of prophecy. If he is out of the land, there is still proof. Israel is the land of redemption and prophe­ cy. One cannot see this area of the world without coming to the impor­ tant conclusion that he is walking again in the pathway our Saviour trod. The author of the well-known book, The Nazarene, explained what gripped his thinking as he penned this work. He declared, “I say that I could never write about Jesus until I went to His homeland. It was in 1907 when the story really came alive. The whole landscape of the Holy Land held His footprint - - every bush and tree and stone.” It is clearly shown that the Holy Land is the premillenialist’s para­ dise. This is because Bible scholars who take Bible prophecy literally, see it literally fulfilled. Bethlehem is not just a name in the Bible; Nazareth is not just some proper noun; Sa­ maria actually exists. Jerusalem, Gethsemane, and so many other areas bring to mind the blessed facts of redemptive history. God is fulfilling His prophetic Word in Israel today. First of all, He is returning the people to their own land. In Jeremiah 23, the Lord declares, “I will gather the remnant of my flock out of countries whither I have driven them, and will bring 3

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