Sarah McClarty Chief Financial Officer, HMC Farms

Born into a farming family in the Central Valley, agriculture runs in Sarah McClarty’s blood. Sarah grew up helping out on her family farm, Gillette Citrus Co., and went on to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to pursue a degree in business, with a concentration in accounting. After graduation, she landed a position at accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers in Orange County.

However, the pull to return to the agriculture industry proved too strong. She returned to the Central Valley and accepted the position as Corporate Controller at HMC Farms. Sarah, who has now been at HMC Farms for 18 years, serves as the farm’s Chief Financial Officer and handles everything from accounting/financial oversight and grower accounting to process development and strategic planning. “I find educating people on the business of being in agriculture very rewarding,” said Sarah. “Most people have no clue what it takes to be a ‘farmer’ these days and I feel like the more people who understand what ag is facing daily, the more likely it is we can make changes is this state and country.”

Journey with Sarah as she gives a sneak peek into her life.

“ I was a student of ballet for 15 years and dance taught me that the harder you work the more beauty you create. That’s something I’ll always hold onto. ”

“ Hands down, my most important job is being a Mom. Seeing the world through my kids’ eyes will never be taken for granted. ”

Sarah is among the first women to complete WG Women, a leadership program that provides pathways for women to achieve the highest levels of leadership within the agriculture industry.




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