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The world’s leading manufacturer of Membrane-Capacitive Deionization (CapDI © ), for salt-free, chemical-free water softening and desalination.


Why Voltea is Driven to Innovate… Voltea is driving a revolutionary, cost-effective and environmentally responsible water treatment and reuse technology into every business and household on the planet!

What is CapDI © Technology ? CapDI is a simple 2-step process wherein water flows between electrodes, where the electrode surfaces are separated from the water by ion-selective membranes that allow positive or negative ions to pass.



Feed water passes between oppositely charged electrodes which electrostatically remove dissolved ions, leaving pure water flowing out of the cell.


Feed water flushes through the cell at a lower flow rate, while electrode polarity is reversed. Ions are rejected from the electrode surface, concentrated in the flow channel and flushed from the cell before the cycle is repeated.


CapDI - Purification

Why is desalination/purification necessary? And what causes it?

Example Constituents

Why Remove?


Water Softening

• Improve water quality • Protect & optimize equipment

CaCO 3 MgSO 4

, CaSO 4 ,

Ionic Species

Water Deionization

• Taste, reduce & reuse • Equipment performance • Meet process/feed requirement

Na + , Cl - , K + , Fe 2+ , HCO 3 -

Toxic Components

Water Detoxification

Chelating agents, Arsenic, Selenium, Cyanide, Lead, nitrates Metals & precious metals

• Improve water quality for health

High Value Components

Waste Water Treatment

• Recovery of valuable materials • Reduce expensive waste disposal • Discharge regulatory compliance

CapDI - In Depth A tunable water deionization technology, via an electro-dialysis process, that is designed to remove dissolved salts from a variety of water sources, ranging from tap water and brackish groundwater to industrial process water. CapDI achieves this at a lower economic cost and reduced environmental impact than any other available technology.

Uniquely, CapDI operates at temperatures ranging from 5 - 60 °C, or 40 - 140 °F, on challenging higher turbidity feed waters, with minimal operator intervention. Our technology is environmentally friendly by virtue of its low energy consumption and minimal to no chemical usage, thus allowing any unrecovered water to flow back into the ecosystem safely.

Voltea’s technology treats water types ranging from residential consumer appliances to large-scale industrial plants. Our systems are modular, allowing easy expansion to meet any increased water demands.

CapDI - Patents Voltea owns over 55 global patents pertaining to CapDI and how the technology is implemented into modules and systems. Voltea’s patent portfolio ensures that the use of ion-selective membranes or coatings in any capacitive deionization device requires a legally binding supply and license agreement with Voltea.

System Composition : From Cells to Systems Our CapDI Systems are composed of modules, which are built from stacks comprising of membrane and electrode cells. Flow rate, feed salinity and targeted purified water quality will determine the number of modules required, while our systems allow easy expansion to meet any increased water demands.




CapDI - Clear Differentiation CapDI is uniquely different from traditional desalination technologies:

Salt-Free Softening High Water Recovery No Required Chemicals No Additional Discharge Permitting Minimum Maintenance Low Fouling Potential

§ Tunable Deionization § Low Energy Consumption § Environmentally Friendly § Built-In Remote Monitoring and Control § Removal at High Temperatures § Unaffected By Silica

CapDI vs. RO

Not tunable Problem at high water temperatures Chemical usage High fouling potential High energy consumption High pressure across membranes Operator intervention High maintenance requirements

CapDI vs. EDR

Problem at high water temperatures Chemical usage Moderate fouling potential Moderate energy consumption Operator intervention High maintenance requirements






Industrial Applications o Reverse Osmosis Reject (Brine) o Equipment (i.e. Boilers) Feed o Cooling Towers - Make-Up Water o Cooling Towers - Blow-Down for Reuse o Wastewater Reuse o Membrane Bioreactor Effluent Treatment o Food and Beverage


o Wineries o Municipal

Commercial Applications o Commercial Laundry - Softening o Commercial Laundry - Reuse o Automotive Paint Line Rinse Reuse o Commercial Ware Wash o Horticulture

o Bottling Plants o General Deionization o Spot-Free Car Wash o Grocery Misters


Consumer Appliance Applications o Coffee/Cappuccino Machine - Softening

o Dishwasher Feed - Softening o Clothes Washer - Softening o Point of Use - Drinking Water



Residential Applications o Residential Point of Entry - Whole Home Softening

o Multi-Family o Single Family o Traditional Softener o Point of Use - Drinking Water

Exploratory CapDI : The Development Kit The Development Kit (DK) System is a versatile evaluation tool coupled with technical support from Voltea experts. This allows for fast and simplistic exploration of the potential of CapDI for your application. Our DK System is a great way to start your deionization project with Voltea, where both Voltea and your company get a full insight into what our CapDI technology can do for you. Included with every DK purchase is a tailored testing program to ensure clients experience the full capabilities of CapDI technology in relation to their specific application.

Industrial Series (IS) Product Line Voltea’s IS Systems employ a simple, cost effective modular design providing flexibility to align with both your current and future demands. The IS Systems feature real-time, remote monitoring and control capability. These systems are used in commercial and industrial applications, from cooling towers to commercial laundries, for water reuse and any other application that benefits from salt-free, softened water.




System Evolution Voltea’s latest CapDI Industrial Series (IS) Systems feature horizontal modules, which minimize footprint while dramatically improving operational efficiency.


Customized Solutions Voltea’s customized solutions afford CapDI Systems that are tailored to your specific needs. Multiple systems, as well as pre-piped and pre-wired containerized systems are available. Our modular design allows you to easily expand as your operation grows and process flow requirements increase, or alternately, integrate with pre-existing water treatment technology.

Dynamic Control and Remote Monitoring Our Dynamic Control feature enables automated continuous control of your product water quality to account for any variations in feed water. Voltea’s CapDI Systems are equipped with Remote Monitoring and control capabilities and once subscribed, customers can enjoy peace of mind that the monitoring of their CapDI Systems is by qualified Voltea personnel to ensure optimized system performance.

CapDI Global Installations CapDI is deployed over 5 continents with continued rapid growth.

www.voltea.com info@voltea.com

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