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APRIL 2018

Trust Matters

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A Lesson in Trust did, Nicole went straight into the house without a word. I was immediately apprehensive. What was she planning? As I started to gather the toddlers, she returned to the garage. “Honey,” she said nervously, “I’m pregnant.” I froze for a split second. Then I just started laughing. She’d really gone all-out with this one! It wasn’t even April! She sure was keeping a straight face, though. Then she pulled out a positive pregnancy test. Again, I froze. Then all of the dozens of pranks she’s pulled over the years came rushing back — all the times she had me in a panic and all the times I’d sworn to myself I’d never fall victim to one again. This prank was extreme, but it fit her MO. No, I wouldn’t let it happen this time. I told her it was a nice try, but she hadn’t gotten me. The test was clearly a fake. Where did she get it? How long had she been planning this? She wasn’t responding to me. She just went pale, and tears started to well up in her eyes. I suddenly realized this wasn’t a prank. The next thought that hit me was, “Did I just land myself in the doghouse?” Then, the real weight of the situation sank in. “This isn’t a prank!” Holy cow — we were going to have another kid! We just stood there in that garage for a while, half crying, half laughing at the crazy, beautiful, stressful, and amazing situation we found ourselves in. Nine months later, on Friday the 13th of March, little Sophie came into the world, making it one of the happiest days of our lives. Thankfully, Nicole and I can look back on that day in the garage and laugh. We both learned a valuable lesson: Trust each other, no matter which month or day it is.

Francisco and Nicole

I was in the middle of a 3 p.m. meeting when my phone started blowing up. I had it on vibrate, of course, but it would not stop buzzing around in my pocket. Finally, I apologized to the room and checked the screen. Nicole was in trouble. From her texts and panicked voicemail, I gathered she was stranded on the side of the I-10. I dropped everything and sprinted out of the office. While I dug for my car keys, I hit the callback button and let her know to sit tight because I was on the way. She picked up immediately. “April fools!” she shouted. I couldn’t believe it — she’d gotten me again. Normally, I pride myself on being a very trusting guy and a loving husband. But when April rolls around, it makes me an easy mark, especially for my wife. Throughout our marriage, she has consistently pulled one over on me this time of year. It’s usually pretty innocent stuff, but she’s not afraid to get inventive. This eventually came back to bite her on the butt, though. After about 20 years of marital pranks, you start to get pretty suspicious. You’re ready for a prank at any moment, whether it’s April or August. That’s why I was immediately on edge when Nicole started acting strangely on a drive home about nine years ago.


We’d just pulled into the garage. The 1-year-old twins were in their car seats in the back. Instead of helping to unbuckle the kids like she always


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