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Gucci and Marc Jacobs aren’t the only names in the fashion game now. While the pandemic has left a significant mark on the luxury fashion industry, there are brand-new companies that are thriving and adapting to 2021 needs and trends faster than anyone else. ARJÉ If you’re looking to add timeless classics to your closet, ARJÉ’s products might be what you’re looking for. As a see-now, buy-now luxury brand, the company releases three collections a year, and you can buy pieces as soon as two weeks after the first showing! Husband-wife duo Bessie Afnaim Corral and Oliver Corral run the brand. Check out their website at Arje.com to discover beautiful luxe shearling coats, oversized knits, and wardrobe essentials for both men and women. Cecilie Bahnsen As a graduate of the Danish School of Design and freelancer at Christian Dior, Cecilie Bahnsen is an award-winning designer who has taken the fashion world by storm. Traditional techniques inspire her decadent yet elegant designs, but she uses them in new, innovative ways. Bahnsens’s embroidery and fabric combinations demonstrate that she is not only accomplished in design but also excels in craftsmanship. Look at her latest creations at CecilieBahnsen.com .

simple yet stunning outfit? Vietnamese designer Peter Do’s designs are the epitome of minimalist elegance in 2021.

Even the website’s bio is humbly understated: “The

brand has always put family first through its commitment to creating a brand that is rooted in

kindness and mutual respect.” Once you see their beautiful, flattering boots, jackets, and unique outfit accessories, you’ll understand why the restraint perfectly suits this designer label. Take a peek at PeterDo.net . Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or someone curious about what’s “in” right now, you’ll adore the designs by these new luxury brands. Any piece from these brands could be a beautiful gift in the future or just a wonderful little treat for yourself, especially after a year of such uncertainty and change.


New Year, New You!

All of us sometimes wish we could start over fresh, right? That’s one of the nice things about New Year’s — it offers, at least in theory, the chance to do exactly that. But how does theory become reality? We’ve thought about this a lot because we get to help people with that “fresh” start every day. And we’ve come to a few conclusions about it. If there’s one thing many of our patients have in common, it’s that they’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the procedure or treatment they’re going in for. Sometimes this means time in front of a mirror eyeing something they don’t like. In other cases, it means that readers get through their hectic day of work and kids by thinking about the day at our Medical Spa that they’ve promised themselves … someday. For some, there’s even real worry about the treatments — they know that they’d benefit from a facelift, for example, but are worried about side- effects or end results.

spend time considering their options, but they don’t do the most important part: reach out and ask questions so they can have the information they need to succeed. We will help you decide if treatment is right for you and answer any questions you have. We’ll show you ways to save and still get the look you want. And we can make “someday” happen much sooner than you think. Because you aren’t alone in this. You have a whole team of experts and the best medical technology in the world on your side. We do consultations every day, even remotely, meaning you can fit a consult into your busy schedule. You deserve to feel and look your best, and a consult is the first step on that road. Stop worrying, and let us do the heavy lifting instead. It’s a new year, so why can’t there be a new you? With our help, there can.

But if the new year is the time for anything, it’s time to stop thinking and seize the day. Often, patients

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