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In celebrating National Physical Therapy Month, I want to share my thoughts on common physical therapy myths people have asked me about in the past. My idea is for physical therapy to become more commonplace in people’s lives, not just when they need treatment for pain and injury. I always like to compare physical therapy to the dentist. Why do we go to the dentist? We go not only because we have pain or injury but also to check-up and catch something before it becomes a problem. Let’s have a look at these common “myths” of physical therapy and bust through them. therapy because you think it will hurt more? Well, don’t worry, we are here to lessen your pain so you can move better. Research shows that making slower, pain-free progress promotes a willingness to participate in therapy and compliance with long-term lifestyle changes. My goal for you is to leave with better understanding, less pain, and a positive outlook on future goals and plans. This myth is BUSTED! Myth No. 2: No Immediate Results Are you looking for a magic cure-all pill? Sorry, no one’s invented that yet! As much as both the physical therapists and the patients want an immediate and one-time fix, it doesn’t always happen. There are times we can get you out the door without pain, but there is usually more work to keep you free of pain. The best way to produce immediate results is by using Myth No. 1: No Pain, No Gain Are you afraid to go to physical

our Class IV Laser for an acute pain with injury that occurred within 24 hours of treatment. Our most common successes are treatments for pains like plantar fasciitis or tennis elbow. This myth is PLAUSIBLE! Myth No. 3: Play Through the Pain Many athletes believe that if a muscle is excessively sore, they can and should play through the pain. Don’t do it! Your team and coaches want you at your best. Seeking early treatment and support will result in faster recovery. Studies show that if you play with an injury, a secondary injury is likely to arise and result in an even longer time away from sports and off the field. This myth is BUSTED! Myth No. 4: Go Only When Injured Most people think they need to wait until an issue arises or their daily activities become too painful to seek help from a physical therapist. This is not the case! Similar to dentistry, physical therapy works best when you schedule regular checkups. When we can see our patients every six months or so, regardless of the issue, we can address your concerns before you have pain or injure yourself, or your basic activities become a challenge. This myth is BUSTED! Myth No. 5: All Physical Therapists Are the Same Physical therapists differ in their education, areas of expertise, and passions. Getting a recommendation from a doctor or friend is a great start,

but be sure the physical therapist is right for you. The world of online reviews, recommendations, and word of mouth is huge, and it's true for all services, even medical providers. Make sure to do you research, ask questions, and go visit the facility. You will find vast differences everywhere. This myth is BUSTED! We at Fyzical Jacksonville strive to bust all these myths. We focus on a pain-free treatment approach that gets you out the door feeling better than when you came in. We are working to educate our community to seek out treatment early, come in often, and ask questions about your health. With 40-minute, one-on-one appointments, we focus on specific manual and exercise treatment techniques with state-of-the-art equipment to achieve your personal, professional, and athletic goals faster. Help us this month, during National Physical Therapy Month, to bust these common physical therapy myths. Come in for your checkup if we haven’t seen you in a while. Tell your family and friends to call and get an assessment. Let’s celebrate October and get Jacksonville on track to a happier and healthier lifestyle!

-Dr. Joanna Frantz

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