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August 2019

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I come from a family that really values education. A good education can help you get where you want to go in life. Education isn’t just about going to school; it’s also about gaining experience along the way. When I was in grade school, as soon as I could read and write, that was just about all I wanted to do. I loved sitting down with a book (and still do) or writing a poem or a story. I loved the ability to create something from my imagination. Reading and writing open up a huge new world full of possibilities, and it’s remarkable how you can turn thoughts into something real that you can share with the world. A lot of the time, I gravitated toward poetry writing. I actually have a bunch of my early poems from the first and second grade when I was learning all the basics of reading and writing. As I got older, I started writing more short stories. In college, I took a few writing classes to really hone the craft. When I was in law school, my love of writing really paid off. Legal writing is very different from what I had done before, but the ability to put thoughts to paper and convey crucial information to others is what really mattered. And today, it’s a skill that continues to be invaluable. Reading meant just as much to me as writing. I was very into the “Harry Potter” series, as many people were (and still are!). I love fiction books in general, but the “Harry Potter” series was particularly engrossing. I loved how J.K. Rowling weaved together so many different things as the story went on. Once you started reading, you couldn’t set the book back down! We’re working to instill the value of education, reading, and writing in our kids, who are 2 and 5. While they can’t read yet, they love story time. We have something of a kitchen table tradition. After dinner, our 5-year-old and I make up stories together. I’ll make up a sentence, then he’ll make up a sentence — or he’ll just make up all the sentences.

Every story starts with a theme. As we make up the story, I’ll write it down and at the end, I’ll read it back. We’ve also started recording the story as I read it. He’ll listen to it and have a great time hearing his story come to life! We also read a ton of books at night before bed. I tell my 5-year-old “just two or three books tonight,” but somehow it always turns into five or more. My 2-year-old has also begun to really enjoy story time before bed. He grabs as many books as possible from his book case and piles them high beside the rocking chair. He loves to point to objects on the page, and he enjoys trying to repeat words that I read to him. His vocabulary is growing quickly! It’s awesome to see him develop and discover his own love of reading! As much as I loved reading and writing, there were subjects I didn’t love nearly as much, namely math. It did not come naturally to me at all. It took a lot of effort to get through those math classes, and I will admit that the calculator has been my best friend at times!

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No matter where your interests lie, it’s always good to keep learning and reading. You never know what you might discover about the world or about yourself!

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