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CRYOmag April 2017

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A Word From Rob

A breath of FRESH AIR

Revisiting the Values

The Air Products executive team recently held a corporate strategy review session and one of the significant points of discussion was our corporate values. But what are our values, and why are they important? Values are essentially the core operating philosophies and principles that guide the organisation’s behaviour. They serve to align the interest of all stakeholders. Simply put, our values describe the kind of organisation we would like to be, and how we are expected to behave towards our fellow workers, our customers, our shareholders, the wider community and

environment. They determine how our company will be perceived and experienced by the employees, customers and the communities in which we operate. They also form the foundation of our human resources, safety, health, environmental, and quality policies. Those of you who have been here long enough may remember the values booklet which was distributed to staff members during their induction. We no longer have the booklets, but over the next few months you will see that we have reviewed, updated and simplified the values, whilst also bringing them into line with APCI’s corporate values. You will see new branding and media relating to our corporate values on your facility notice boards and on various other communication platforms. The first thing you may notice is that we have distilled the original 11 values, which were felt to be slightly repetitive and difficult to remember, into 6 values. Hopefully, the 6 values encapsulate and communicate the core behaviours that we wish to experience in our workplace. They are summarized (in alphabetical order) as follows: 1. Accountability: This means each of us being responsible for our actions and delivering results for the enterprise. 2. Customer Focus: This means understanding the needs of our customers and creating value for them. 3. Innovation: This means cultivating ideas to deliver improvement and growth. 4. Integrity: This means behaving ethically at all times and being true to our word. 5. Respect: This means treating all people with dignity and respect, and valuing the collective power of teamwork and diversity. 6. Sustainability: This means safely and responsibly caring for each other, our communities, and the environment. The key thing about a set of corporate values is that it’s a collective obligation. It requires every employee to align themselves with the values if we are to create the successful and thriving organisation that provides a good working environment. It’s also important to realize that when we hire staff we should be looking for candidates who align with our values. We can train people in skills, but we can’t generally change people’s values, which are often a product of the individual’s upbringing and influences. In some cases a fellow employee may align themselves with our values but fail to live up to them on occasion. In such cases it is our right and our responsibility to challenge unacceptable attitudes and behaviour, and in-turn we should expect to be challenged if we fail in this regard. At the end of the day most people would like to work in an environment where they can feel a sense of pride in their organisation, but that does not happen by itself. It happens as a consequence of our collective behaviour, and at the core of this should be an ongoing commitment to live the Air Products values.

Welcome to our new staff

Packaged Gas Samson Sithole, Loader, Kempton Park, reporting to Wellington Munyai Brandon Lentz, HP Fill Operator, Packaged Gas Cape Town, reporting to Megan Damonse Central Support Jade Jacobs, Events Coordinator, Central Support Services Kempton Park, reporting to Arthi Govender On-Sites Thulani Duze, General Dutyman, On-Sites Empangeni, reporting to Chris van der Linde Mthobisi Nxumalo, General Dutyman, On-Sites Springs, reporting to Themba Nkosi Thokozane Sibeko, General Dutyman, On-Sites Vanderbijlpark, reporting to Mike du Toit Frans Makhafola, Process Controller, On-Sites Rustenburg, reporting to Freedom Zwane Sam Sebalo, Storeman, On-Sites Vanderbijlpark, reporting to Mike du Toit Lucky Ganzini, General Dutyman, On-Sites Rustenburg, reporting to Freedom Zwane Richard Hlatshwayo, General Dutyman, On-Sites Sasolburg, reporting to Mike du Toit Technical Melanie Swanepoel, SHEQ Systems Manager, Technical, Head Office, reporting to Sue Nicholls Finance Johan Blumenthal, Accounts Receivable Supervisor, Finance, Kempton Park, reporting to Peter Cameron

Thanks & Kind Regards Rob Richardson

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